Alaska - June 2003                Trip Log Text Version

055-BrianCatDeck.jpg (271920 bytes) That cat is done with you, Brian.
056-TheCat.jpg (274684 bytes) All these people running after me, trying to pet me and hold me and feed me salmon. Don't they understand I'm a cat? I need my freedom. 
057-Bog&MatnuskaValley.jpg (126172 bytes) VISTA! Blue skies, blue mountains, blue shorts, blue "moon" over the Matanuska Valley along the Glenn Highway. 
058-MatnuskaValley.jpg (98462 bytes) VISTA! Just another shitty day in Paradise. 
059-MatnuskaGlacier.jpg (150170 bytes) VISTA! Matanuska Glacier to the south of us ...
060-GunsightPass.jpg (90891 bytes) VISTA!  Gunsight Pass and the "sphinx" to the west of us ...
061-HydrothermallyAlteredRocks.jpg (227878 bytes) VISTA!  Hydrothermally altered limestone and iron-stained gypsum to the north of us ...
062-HydrothermalSign.jpg (137338 bytes) That's what the sign says !
063-OMGBrian.jpg (130880 bytes) VISTA! "Yeah, this really sucks", says Brian.
064-MtSanford.jpg (100306 bytes) VISTA! Mt. Drum looms on the horizon ahead of us, trees of the Drunken Forest rise up and tip over on each side of us.
065-PipelineSign.jpg (179630 bytes) And the Alyeska Pipeline runs along side of us; above ground where the ground is unstable. Unstable ground also causes the Drunken Forest.
066a-BrianFiddleWithAlyeskaPipeline.jpg (157432 bytes) Brian fiddles around under the pipeline. Mt. Wrangell, an active volcano is in the background. Which one is a disaster waiting to happen?
066-BrianFiddlesUnderPipeline.jpg (303688 bytes) "Nearer my god to thee? Sorry, folks, I don't take requests." With all due respect to Johnny Hartford, we're glad we didn't try staying home. 
067-AlyeskaPipeline.jpg (188228 bytes) Triumph of modern technology. Fortunately, there is no poison ivy in Alaska, so Brian didn't need any tecnu-logy.
068-PumpStation12.jpg (164923 bytes) VISTA! Even a pipeline pump station looks scenic in Alaska. Pump Station #12 has the best safety record! No disasters, yet; guess Brian wasn't here long enough.
069-TrumpeterSwans.jpg (292297 bytes) These trumpeter swans probably didn't check out the Pump Station safety record when they chose this nest site.
070-OldRichardsonHwy.jpg (207720 bytes) TUTELAGE! Brian decided to test Bob's theory that you can't get lost in Alaska by turning onto the old Richardson Highway. There must have been an earthquake while they were painting the yellow lines.
071-BrianClearsRoad.jpg (246442 bytes) Ok, so you can't get lost, but you can get deterred by trees, rocks, potholes, water hazards and other evidence of unstable ground. But still no disaster!
072-RichardsonHwyShot.jpg (125599 bytes) And you can get struck by yet another VISTA!
073-Bog&JanieWorthingtonGlacier.jpg (137392 bytes) And you can get stopped by yet another glacier. The Worthington Glacier was close enough to the road you could walk up to and by and on and over it. 
075-BridelVeilFallsKeystoneCanyon.jpg (140526 bytes) VISTA! On down the road a piece, you could just stand at the base and gawk up at Bridal Veil Falls. In the Lower 48, this waterfall would warrant its own state park. In Alaska, it barely gets a pullout along the road. Ho Hum, the equally scenic Horse Tail Falls is on the other side of the road.
076-KeystoneCanyon.jpg (177296 bytes) VISTA! In the Lower 48, all of Pennsylvania is the Keystone State. In Alaska, Keystone Canyon is just another narrow spot in the road.
077-MoonOverValdez.jpg (110910 bytes) VISTA! Moon, moon, moon in June. The full moon moved horizontally between mountain peaks over Valdez Harbor. 
078-ValdezHarbor.jpg (122191 bytes) VISTA! Valdez Harbor recedes in the distance as we head out into Prince William Sound on the HMS Clementine.
079-ValdezPWS.jpg (127339 bytes) VISTA! Mountains loom ahead of us as Valdez Harbor recedes in the distance.
080-Fresh-SaltWaterInterface.jpg (110216 bytes) VISTA! As we approach the Narrows, the Freshwater-Seawater boundary is distinct.
081-AlyeskaPiplineTerminalValdez.jpg (115889 bytes) VISTA! The Alyeska Pipeline Terminal in Valdez looks puny compared to Sea, Land and Air in Alaska.

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