Alaska - June 2003                 Trip Log Text Version

082-ClementineFlyBridgeGroup.jpg (170882 bytes) TUTELAGE! Cap'n Bob gives explicit directions for boatocol (that's boat protocol). No peeing off the side while underway; no peeing standing up in the head; if anyone goes overboard, don't take your eyes off them even for a second; life rings are located there and here; fire extinguishers are located here and there.
083-GalenaBayView.jpg (113924 bytes) VISTA! to the left of us; er, that's port, or as Bog likes to call it, porter!
084-GalenaBayEagleNest.jpg (108456 bytes) VISTA! to the right of us; er, that's starboard, or as Bog likes to call it, lager!
085-B&CInSaloon.jpg (142108 bytes) Cap'n Bob and First Mate Char in Clementine's saloon. Note the VISTA! window behind Char.
086-B&JCheckingCDs.jpg (127435 bytes) Bog and Janie enjoy all the comforts of home, including two VISTA! windows. Note Galley Slaves Brian and Amy reflected in the picture - they are catching our dinner. 
087-BrianFeeshing.jpg (168965 bytes) FISH-ON! Brian caught a bunch of fish - starfish, jellyfish, sculpin, Dolly Vardon (or Molly Ringwald as Bog called them, for no apparent reason), but none were keepers.
089-BriansFish.jpg (155017 bytes) FISH-ON! This salmon actually became fish-on our dinner plates. Yummy!
088-JanieFeeshing.jpg (109843 bytes) FISH-STAY-OFF! When Fisherman Bob had to morph into Cap'n Bob or Chef Bob for some reason, he tried to get bird-watching Janie to morph into Feeeeeshing Janie. Note how well it worked by the position of her hands and the direction of her gaze.
090-BogHoldingBriansPole.jpg (68399 bytes) FISH-STAY-OFF! Bog picked up Janie's technique rather well, but he looked out to sea where the fish might be, and where the fish were likely to stay if he kept his hands that way!
091-IceBergs.jpg (60159 bytes) TUTELAGE! in the art of catching icebergs. Amy wanted 10,000 year-old glacial ice to cool her beverage of choice, so the fisherguys went to play snagging these rogue pieces of the Columbia Glacier. Note we do not use the dreaded "W" word (w-wo-wor-work), which was NOT part of our Alaskan vocabulary.
093-Berg&Brian.jpg (141019 bytes) N - ICE CATCH, Brian!
092-Berg&Bottle.jpg (130813 bytes) And it's a keeper. Ice Wine, anyone?
095-NearColumbiaGlacier.jpg (52618 bytes) VISTA! The terminus of the Columbia Glacier? or just a lot of icebergs? The clouds and mountains we recognized, sort of.
095a-HeatherBayNearColumbiaGlacier.jpg (53931 bytes) VISTA! Clouds with mountains behind? or just darker clouds? The trees we recognized, sort of.
095b-ColumbiaGlacier.jpg (82767 bytes) VISTA! The terminus of the Columbia Glacier, moraines, aretes, U-shaped valleys, clouds and we even recognized the water, sort of.
095d-Clouds&IceFar.jpg (62851 bytes) Brian put down his fishing pole, came in, said "I'm done with that", looked out the VISTA! window, and went right back out again. WHY?
095e-Clouds&IceClose.jpg (74848 bytes) He had seen the iceberg of his dreams; an iceberg whose wife had left, so it was "crushed"! Ha Ha, crushed ice for Brian's wife.
096-BiransBigBerg.jpg (102926 bytes) "Landing" that sucker was a two person operation. Brian caught the crushed ice ...
097-JaniesLittleBerg.jpg (45633 bytes) and Janie reeled in this cube.
095c-BlueIceBerg.jpg (124608 bytes) TUTELAGE! According to Trent, the pilot, if ice is blue, it's been glaciated. If that theory is correct, the berg in the background must have been glaciated; the one in the foreground, not so much.
095g-BlueBergs2.jpg (41615 bytes) These two were glaciated even more ...
095f-BlueBerg.jpg (85050 bytes) and this one was glaciated most of all. If Trent's theory is correct, the water below the berg must be glacial meltwater.
098-NumberOneRiverColumbiaGlacier.jpg (85151 bytes) VISTA! The mouth of Number One River near the Columbia Glacier near Heather Island and Heather Bay.
099-SeaOtter-Seal.jpg (94204 bytes) This sea otter had a VISTA! of 6 crazy people peering through various types of oculars at him/her.
100-TheCannon.jpg (118029 bytes) TUTELAGE! Hey, Brian, is that a cannon on your stomach, or are you just happy to see Alaska?
101-TampEmUpSolid.jpg (122090 bytes) Hmmm, this looks vaguely obscene. Brian is enjoying this way too much - even Bob's face is red! 
102-SheReady.jpg (177547 bytes) The cannon is loaded and ready, but first ...
103-AaaarMatey.jpg (248111 bytes) Pirate Bob must don his gay apparel, including his faithful Parrot companion, Compass Rose ...
104-TouchHerOff.jpg (118587 bytes) and recite the Pirate Alphabet: "Rrrrrrr, matey, fire away"! How can such a little cannon make such a big bang (interrabang)?!

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