The Reunion: Bob'n'Char, Mikey'n'Mare, Bog'n'Janie November, 2003
001-Bob&CarLicensePlate.jpg (108670 bytes)

Bob puts maize and blue Alaska license plates on his new (our old) scarlet and gray Outback. He tried to get personalized plates saying "Carmen", but even the Alaska DMV knows a license with Michigan colors and an Ohio State-related word might self-destruct.

002-GroupInKitchen.jpg (47732 bytes)

Together again for the first time in ~20 years (right to left): Char, Bob, Janie, Mikey and Bog behind the camera . At the far left, with Bob and Char for the first time ever (and we hope not the last): Mare. We have all gotten older, but that's not why Mikey is using a walker.

004-MikeyTellingHorseStory.jpg (48225 bytes)

Ok, Mikey, tell us again how you broke your leg while riding a horse without a saddle and without a bridle even after several people who know the horse told you not to? Oh, yeah, we should have known - you did it BECAUSE they told you not to ...

003-Mikey&JanieInKitchen.jpg (43793 bytes)

Ok, Mikey, tell me again why you are standing here on your broken leg washing dishes even after they told you not to and all of us have volunteered to do it for you? Do I have to break your arm to get you to stop? Don't you want your leg bones to be together again sometime?

005-DinnerTable.jpg (74104 bytes)

The First Supper: Mare's excellent Shepherd's Pie, a basket of excellent bread/pain, OSU-scarlet salad bowl/bowle, President's Choice excellent Thai dressing, and gallons/liters of excellent wine/vin made for a dinner par excellence. It's Canada, so everything has to be in English/French and metric.

006-Mikey&Mare.jpg (52940 bytes)

Mikey may be remembering why it's been twenty years/vingt annees since the five/cinque of us have been together/ensemble. Mare's not sure/pas certaine she'll make it through the next 20 seconds/secondes. She's may be thinking, "It's bad enough they are all Crazy Americans; they are also all Buckeyes/useless nuts!"

007-Bob&SaladDressing.jpg (71511 bytes)

No, Bob, you're supposed to sniff and drink the wine, NOT the salad dressing. Yep, we are like a fine wine: as we age, we become more complex and fruity.

008-LindsayAbbotParkHouseGoderichCA.jpg (46786 bytes)

Poor, sweet, unsuspecting, not-so-innocent-yet-very-trusting Lindsay Abbott, our waitress at the Park House in Goderich, Ontario. She made the mistake of telling us she had a crush on Noah, a young man working across the street. It's usually a mistake to tell us anything, especially something you would rather keep a secret.

009-HouseAcrossStreet.jpg (66590 bytes)

A glimpse of the house across the street where Noah works, toward which Mikey bellowed, "NO-AH"; after which Noah appeared; to whom Bob beckoned; in response to which we're-not-sure-how-innocent-but-obviously-too-trusting Noah crossed the street.

010-Lindsay&Noah.jpg (61929 bytes)

Together again for the first time: Lindsay and Noah. Cap'n Bob offered to perform the wedding ceremony on Lindsay's grandpa's tugboat with Mare and Santa as witnesses. We thought it co-ink-idinkal that Mare knows the guy who owns the house across the street and knows of Noah's parents, but it turns out Mare knows almost everyone in this corner of Ontario.

011-Mikey&Abby.jpg (50880 bytes)

We continued scandalizing the youth of Ontario by inviting some of them to dine with us. Here's Mikey with daughter Abbey (age 14).

013-Jill&MarePretendingToBeMikey..jpg (49246 bytes)

It turned out to be very difficult to scandalize Mare's 24-year-old daughter Jill. Note, Mare is pretending to be Mikey .. with his walker and a wine glass.

012-AbbyBobChantel.jpg (42659 bytes)

Together again for the first time (left to right): Abbey, Bob, and Abbey's poor, sweet, unsuspecting friend, Chantelle.

014-KoreanPlace-1.jpg (63555 bytes)

Mikey's 18-year-old son Matt (on Bob's left) met us at the Korean Restaurant with his girlfriend Lynn (white coat). See the picture behind Bob's head? See the size of the jar in front of the women? See the red garment the woman on the left is wearing? The jar is about the size needed to contain the amount of Kim-chee Bob consumed. The garment is about the color of Bob's ears when he finished consuming Kim-chee.

015-KoreanPlace-2.jpg (64152 bytes)

See the look on Mikey's face as he listens to Jill tell jokes? That was nothing compared to his face when he found out the joke printed on the cigarette lighter apparently-not-as-innocent-as-Dad-hoped Matt kept lending her. It's even too scandalous to print here.

016-KoreanPlace-3.jpg (68545 bytes)

See the looks on Janie and Lynn's faces? No one can remember what jokes they might have been sharing.

017-InTheKitchenAtNaweedna.jpg (50634 bytes)

Bog guaranteed Bob that we would be back at Naweedna with beer in hand by 8:00 pm after leaving Mikey's at noon. If Janie could have leaned back a teeny bit farther, you might see that the clock on the microwave reads 8:01.

018-BogWatchingBobFixDoor.jpg (41780 bytes)

See, Bog, if I blow some kim-chee laden breath on this broken door knob, it will dissolve all the grease and melt the metal so we can reposition the plate and permanently weld the screws and you'll never be able to open this door ever again. That should fix the problem, no problem! It's just the door to the garage; you don't need to get into no stinking garage, do you? Oh, you say you'll need to get out of the stinking laundry room now that I've blown kim-chee laden breath in it? Hmmmmmmmmm
Oh, Bob, while you're down there ...

019-BrianPlayingEmbryoSong.jpg (50656 bytes)

Together again for the first time since June in Alaska: Bob, Brian, Amy and their conceived-on-Clementine future child. Brian is singing his creation to his creation: Ode to the Embryo Who Shares my DNA. Horned & Tufted Puffins fly overhead and other Alaskan wildlife cavort in the picture behind Brian's head.

020-PackingToLeave.jpg (102381 bytes)

Together again for perhaps the last time: Janie says goodbye to the Outback. That was a lot easier than saying goodbye to Bob and Char. But we can look forward to being together again for the first time in 2004!