The DOOCs (Divine Order Of Only Children) gathered at Naweedna in early September 2010 and ...

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RVan and RForester have vacated the garage to make room for more DOOCs: MIKEY 'N MARE AND BAWB 'n CHAR.

BAWB said the one good thing about being so far "south" during the "summer" months is corn on the cob, so we did our best to make that happen for him. 

Bog and Char did their best to make the corn ready for cooking.

And they seem damn glad to have done it. Aw, shucks!

So where is BAWB, the one who wanted the corn? He's inside, getting an "earfull" from Janie.

Who knows what Bog and Mikey were doing here - the DOOC's own version of Doe-See-Doe?

Surprise! What are the Sheldons doing here? Celebrating their wedding anniversary with the old folks?

Mikey's back in the kitchen. He's usually in the kitchen, either cooking or cleaning. What a great guest!

Brian introduces the old folks to Google Earth.

Mikey 'n Mare try their personal version of a Doe-See-Doe. Makes sense if you are familiar with the song "Maresy Doats & Doesy Doats".

Ah, the morning after the night before. With liberal amounts of coffee, everyone seems ready for another day. Not too hot for BAWB yet, but sunshine portends "summer in September".

Mikey has been in the kitchen again, whipping up a light "quichen" breakfast using up all the perishables that we can't be taking on our trip to Canada tomorrow.

But foist, the DOOC's gathered at MacGregor's in Rochester with Saturday AMers Bob Mahoney, Bethany Zinni, Jen O'Reilly (& sister Erin) and over 100 beers on tap. "Heaven, I'm in Heaven, and My Heart Beats So That I Can Hardly Speak" - Nah, that never happens.

After fabulous fun and frivolity at MacGregor's the night before, we jumped in our 3-car caravan and headed across the border to the Dunnville Diner. Yep, we're eating again.

Bawb shows his true colors for our hosts, in the Preston Manor B&B in Goderich, Ontario, Canada. Much of the time, being "from" Columbus is far better than being "in" Columbus, Ohio; or as the DOOCs pronounce it: Klumz, Ahia.

Are we having any fun? Showing off our West Coast Blues Festival T-shirts: Yeah, that's fun.

 In case you didn't notice the West Coast Blues Festival Logo, some of us are pointing it out to you. Wasn't that fun?

Not as much fun as the BACK of the West Coast Blues Festival T-shirts.

 Despite having to look at Bawb's butt, we are still having fun.

 We just may be bordering on having too much fun, and not quite enough room in that bed.

Are we in Goderich or Elora or London or somewhere betwixt and between? We know for sure we are not in Columbus. Wherever we are, we are having fun.

Sweet Trash, indeed. Hey, we must be in Euphoria, no, Ebola, no, Ecoli, no, Elora. Yeah, that's it, Elora. Some of us were more trashed than others.

After several days & nights of "throwing caution to the wind" & partaking of mindless eating and drinking, Bog had lots of Gas, and there was nothing sweet about the "wind" he threw.

Round and 'round and 'round she goes; where we stops, nobody knows. But that sign sure glows.

Apparently, we made it back to the hotel, went to bed and had a real good sleep, then woke up ready to eat - again. The hotel continental breakfast paled in comparison with leftovers from Hedda's B&B and sausages from John's Meat Market. Yummmmmmm.

DOOCs dancing in the hotel hallway?

DOOCs standing in the hotel hallway? Can't be dancing because Bog won't dance, don't ask him.

Don't ask me what the hell is going on here. Don't ask any of them, either. We are probably all better off not knowing.

We started with a picture of vehicle, so we'll end with a picture of a vehicle. Time to split up and spread out on the North American continent: Bawb 'n Char to Alaska, Janie 'n Bog to western New York, Mikey 'n Mare to London, Ontario. Till we meet again; Go, DOOCs!