London with Mikey'n'Mare - 2011


Captain Bog is ready to take command and control of Mikey & Mare's computers.

Janie and Mare have already commenced  consumption of Mikey's culinary delights.
Captain Bog leaves the megabytes to enjoy a few mega-bites.
And now for something completely different. Janie and Mare bravely bike the Fanshawe Trail.
Intermediate single-track is NOT the paved, family-fun  trail we anticipated ...
but we're still having fun.
Hey, look, there's a bird!
A little hydration and Mare's ready for more!
Can't see the trail for the trees!
Bog takes a small stretch ...
and a view of a big river.
Janie takes a look at the map - Where are we? Where's Mikey?
There he is - the man who's been hiding behind the camera.
The marina is supposed to be near the end of the 20 km trail.
How much FUN are we having?
Mare mounts for the final climb ...
And she's up, up and away!
Let's rest from our ride with our usual entertainment: digitized music ...
and delicious meals.
Here's a break from the usual ... Janie enjoys Mare's sleeping granddaughter Shelby (named for the Mustang car)!