Maine - September 2003                Trip Log Text Version

ME2003Route.jpg (153699 bytes)   The route - shown by the red line

001-WordfordSPCampsite.jpg (116996 bytes) Campsite: Woodford SP, VT - We could glimpse the lake through the trees but there wasn't much on the lake to see anyway, at least not until ~2 AM when the nearly full moon shine was reflected. It cost us $16, but we had coin operated hot showers (25 cents/5 minutes, flush toilets, a dump station and a delightful 24-hr attendant who cheerfully directed us to all the free campgrounds in the area.
002-BigRockKancamagusWhiteMtnsNFCampsite.jpg (107688 bytes) Campsite: Big Rock, Kancamagus Highway, White Mountains NF, NH - It seldom fails to astonish us that they charge $16 for a National Forest Campground with no dump station, no showers and pit toilets. We have been camping long enough to remember when NF CGs were free and you got what you paid for! Now, you get much less than you pay for. Our tax dollars at work.
20030910-LkStGeorgeCampsite.jpg (91233 bytes) Okay, here's an example: At this dinky little place (Lake Saint George State Park near Liberty, ME), we had showers with unlimited hot water, flush toilets, a dump station, a lake view AND a view of the full moon through RVan's skylight - all for only $20, $15 if we had been residents of Maine. Their tax dollars at work.
20030910-01BridgeFromBelow.jpg (111230 bytes) Enough about campsites for awhile ... We finally made it to Acadia National Park, unracked the bikes and lit out on the carriage roads, which led us over many of the granite-faced, mortar-cored bridges built between 1913 and 1940 by John D. Rockefeller.
20030910-02Janie&Bridge.jpg (127005 bytes) Bog was surprised when he looked in his rear view mirror and didn't see me wearing anything red! At least my bike is red - scarlet with gray bar ends! And my face was probably a little red - either from huffing and puffing up the hills or from windburn coming down!
20030910-03CurveOfBridge.jpg (89152 bytes) Amazing construction had to have gone into these bridges - and money, too. Not tax dollars because Acadia is one of the few, if not the only, national parks created from the donation of private citizens. 
20030910-04CarriageRoad.jpg (120099 bytes) The coping stones that line the carriage roads are called "Rockefeller's teeth". You'd think the guy could afford a better dentist!
20030910-05CarriageRoad.jpg (95669 bytes) The long and winding carriage road ...
20030910-06CarriageRoad.jpg (117547 bytes) ... looks good in either direction.
20030915-03SignPost.jpg (189117 bytes) Signposts at every intersection help you along the way.
20030910-07CarriageGate.jpg (83202 bytes) Amazing construction also went into the gatehouses.
20030910-08CarriageGate.jpg (111691 bytes) The building adjoining the actual gate, shown above.
20030910-09CarriageGateCloseJanie.jpg (101341 bytes) Janie examines the workmanship up close and personal. Hey, look, Jason, I'm wearing your pants! At least they are one of the pairs of Gramicci pants you gave us.
20030910-09CarriageGateClose.jpg (112259 bytes) Even closer. though not more personal; nope, no person in this shot.
20030911-01RisingMoonSeaWall.jpg (16129 bytes) The 1-day past full moon rose blood red over the island beyond Seawall Picnic Area. Nearby Mars looked positively white in comparison. Later two cruise liners lit up the horizon.
20030912-02SeaWallParkingArea.jpg (28729 bytes) Next morning we hurried on down to Seawall Picnic Area, but missed the sun rise by about 15 minutes. 
20030912-03JanieBirdLooking.jpg (88963 bytes) It was still a great day for birding, mammalling, pointing, gawking, and biking, all of which we did on the Schoodic Peninsula. Here's Janie spotting a pair of Puffins flying over Frenchman's Bay (that's Cadillac Mountain in the background). We got all three puffin species in one season: horned and tufted in Alaska, Atlantic in Maine. Yay, us!
20030912-04LightHouse&CadillacMtn.jpg (74074 bytes) When the puffins passed, we turned our attention to the stubby lighthouse on the island between us and Cadillac.
20030912-05BarHarbor&CruiseShip.jpg (51442 bytes) We didn't get a picture of the cruise liners in the moonlight, but here's one in the light of day. Seems that several cruises were diverted to Maine when a hurricane wrecked havoc in Bermuda. Freeport and Bar Harbor were unusually crowded for this time of year. Yay for the American economy!
20030912-06SchoodicPoint.jpg (99424 bytes) Janie was a-huffin' and a-puffin' as we biked up the steep, twisty, gravel road to Schoodic Head, but the view and the solitude was worth the effort.
20030912-07OceanWoodCampsite.jpg (97348 bytes) This campground is located in the LARGEST stand of jack pines in the WORLD according to the campground host. He might better be called the campground Nazi for the strictness with which he enforces the rules. But that strictness led to a very quiet, secluded, clean camping experience. Many private campgrounds are more of an amusement park; Ocean Wood in Birch Harbor is more of a nature park.

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