New England 2009

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Before we ventured off into the wilds of New England, we needed sustenance, which Mikey provided in abundance: bread, fried potatoes and onions, Mexican quiche, coffee, tea, wine, tomatoes ... We didn't even get a picture of the tubs of sloppy joe and macaroni salad he made. We ate a bunch of both, took some of both with us to Jason's and left some in the freezer for when we returned!

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A whole bunch of stuff happened before we made it to Seawall Picnic Area in Acadia National Park, Maine, but none of that stuff involved taking pictures. Here we are set up to 'scope out the birds and other creatures splashing in and flying over the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Well, Janie is set up to 'scope out creatures; Bog is set up to picture Pirate Jenny, er, Pirate Janie.

P1020108.jpg (266600 bytes)

And to picture the ducks that bob around protected from the cold by their eider down, ...

P1020106.jpg (124363 bytes)

plus the rocky coast and crashing surf ...

P1020109.jpg (127958 bytes)

and the nearly full Moon. With the 'scope, we could SEE the Moon of Earth and 3 of the Moons of Jupiter. Alas, we could not PICTURE the Moon of Earth, the Planet Jupiter and 3 of its Moons. 

P1020110 - C.jpg (129301 bytes)

Alas, after drinking 22 ounces of Atlantic Brewery's Scottish Ale, Bog could not steady the camera enough to shoot the moon at 1/5 of a second on a cold evening with a strong breeze. Ok, we know what WE think the second picture looks like; what do YOU think it looks like?

P1020114 - C.jpg (383998 bytes)

Well, that looks like Janie's butt as she 'scopes out the harbor seals, red-necked grebes, etc, the next morning back at Seawall Picnic Area. 

P1020170.jpg (168766 bytes)

In the previous picture, Janie is all decked out in biking clothes in preparation for cycling the carriage roads of Acadia. Thanks, John D. Rockefeller. 

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RVan fits nicely into the parking area at Brown Mountain Gatehouse,  

P1020117 - C.jpg (510350 bytes)

and the Brown Mountain Gatehouse never fails to intrigue and frustrate the photographer in Bog.

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A much more rustic, and less informative, sign for Sargent Mtn Trail. It's variously spelled Sargent, Sergeant, Sargeant; which also intrigues and frustrates Bog.

P1020122 - C.jpg (676508 bytes)

As do the very informative, yet bewildering, carriage road markers. Yep, you can get to Jordan Pond either direction, but which one is the shortest route, or the most scenic, or the most downhill?

P1020124 - C.jpg (623317 bytes)

Ah, who cares? Eventually, we want to bike every carriage road in the park in every direction. Thus, it doesn't matter which route is shortest.  We know they are all scenic and they are all downhill in at least one direction. 

P1020128.jpg (263055 bytes)

So, we'll just ride and cross whatever bridges we come to. This one makes us both think of hobbits. 

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On those trails that are not downhill in the direction we are going, we'd rather stop and watch the moss and lichens grow.

P1020129 - C.jpg (585531 bytes)

This brings to mind an army of hobbit-moss marching toward wherever hobbit-moss wants to march toward. 

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This stretch of carriage road brings us to a beautiful view of Somes Sound or the Atlantic Ocean or the flaming fall foliage. Like we said earlier, "they are all scenic".

P1020135 - C.jpg (587423 bytes)

Even the humblest gateway or building shows delicate, intricate, artistic craftsmanship 

P1020132 - C.jpg (395874 bytes)

from far and near, in sun or shade.

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 Occasionally, the photographer in Janie comes out, which only serves to frustrate Bog. "I don't really look like that, do I?" 

P1020143.jpg (259096 bytes)

One of our operating trip philosophies is, "What you look LIKE isn't important. What's important is what you are looking AT". Janie's looking at anything but the photographer. "Are ya through yet?"

P1020138 - C.jpg (545149 bytes)

This day, we were looking at getting to the top of Day Mountain for lunch. And it looks like we made it.

P1020144.jpg (324862 bytes)

Enroute to and from the top of Day Mtn, we got to look AT the marvelous smooth surface of the carriage road, the naturally unnatural coping stones, aka Rockefeller's teeth (left), and the rock walls that line the road.

P1020146.jpg (343756 bytes)

And we got to marvel at Mother Nature's artistry, 

P1020148 - C.jpg (547355 bytes)

Father Stonemason's handiwork, 

P1020145 - C.jpg (608033 bytes)

and at our trusty "steeds" resting at the "pullout".


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