Mid-Atlantic Bike Tour

October 2010

  • Watoga SP

  • C&O Canal

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Ah, finally, we made it to the Greenbrier River Rail Trail a mere 11 days after we left Naweedna. If you look real close, you can see the steps on the opposite shore that lead up to the trail. We have just spent the last 3 days biking on that trail.

Why are we not biking today? Well, it's Sunday, and we want to let the people who only have weekends to recreate to have the trail to themselves while we have the campground to ourselves to rest.

Hey, there go some of the weekend warriors now.

Here we are, airing our dirty laundry in public at Watoga State Park near Marlinton, WV.

Bog takes a moment to relax and read about the sufferers of the Bubonic Plague of 1669. Sucks to be those people.

Janie had three great ideas today. 1) It's Sunday, and therefore time for brunch of French Toast. 2) We have a camera, and therefore, we can take pictures. 3) We have a sound system and headsets; therefore, we can listen to music while reading and cooking and cleaning.

Yup, you can see Bog has on his headset, listening to music while sitting outside reading.

Yup, you can see Janie has a sink full of dirty dishes and Vermont maple syrup, but she also has on a headset and can listen to music while washing.

You can see the computer playing the music while sitting inside RVan.

You can even see what piece of music was playing at that particular moment. Thanks to Bruce Ng for this particular tune.

Here you can see Bog also has work to do. It looks like he is "milking" RVan, and that's close. Actually, he is transferring water from the 2 gallon bags that travel in the "trunk" of RVan to the 64 oz juice bottles that travel under the bed inside RVan.

We are not entirely alone in the campground. Our neighbors are all decked out for a long stay, complete with American flag, autumnal garden flag, some witches broom decoration on the camper and a Jack-O-Lantern. Scary.

It's not just any old Jack-O-Lantern; it's an electric Jack-O-Lantern. Really! See the yellow extension cord?

After our relaxing Sunday, we hauled our "barge" along modern highways to an old-fashioned "highway": the C & O Canal Towpath. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle seems appropriate for a canal that was replaced by the railroad, which has been recycled to be reused as a multi-use trail. The old barges packed in "lumber coal and hay" and packed out other goods. Modern canal travelers must pack out everything they pack in using trash bags provided. Your tax dollars at work.

No new-fangled electric Jack-O-Lanterns here; just an old-fashioned aqueduct along the C&O Canal near Hancock, MD. Another day, another bike trail.

This is the aqueduct at Fifteen Mile Creek Campground, where we stayed for 3 nights and biked the canal towpath 2 days.

This is the Fifteen Mile Creek Campground Great Blue Heron, who stays here for maybe 3-6 months, but probably has never biked the canal towpath.

Morning fog fills the valley near the aqueduct at Fifteen Mile Creek Campground.

Morning light starts to highlight the fallen red leaves of autumn near the boat launch.

Morning light highlights the aqueduct at Fifteen Mile Creek Campground.

Morning light highlights the Fifteen Mile Creek Campground Great Blue Heron.

Tshirts back bobs butt.jpg (101445 bytes)

THE END. Waaaay before the beginning of PB&J's Mid-Atlantic Bike Trip, the camera flash highlights BAWB's end.

Tshirts bac single file.jpg (105370 bytes)

That's better: all of us showing off the West Coast Blues Festival tee-shirts Mikey bought us during Labour Day weekend when the DOOCs explored Goderich and Elora, Ontario, Canada.