OBX 2007
Traveling Wil-Bogers ...

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Trip Log

0bx07-002-wye oak sign.jpg (139034 bytes)

Wye Oak? Why Not? Anything to avoid traffic on US 50 enroute to the LLBean outlet in Queenstown, MD where we would meet Bob 'n Char to once again become the Traveling WilBogers!

0bx07-001-wye oak stump.jpg (293192 bytes)

Poor Wye Oak is just a shadow (and not a very big shadow) of its former self as the Largest White Oak in the US since it was toppled by a wind storm in 2002. Now the Wye Oak is the desk for the Governor of Maryland.

0bx07-003-wye mills lunch.jpg (171403 bytes)

Although the Wye Oak no longer makes much shade, RVan's awning provided all the shade we needed for a picnic lunch. How many kinds of cheese were there? Bleu, Stilton, Toasted Onion, Goat Gouda, French Comte, Goat Fromage, Gjetost, Cracker Barrel and Cabot 75% Reduced Fat Cheddar. Oh, the horror!

0bx07-004-wye mills lunch.jpg (210899 bytes)

At this rate, the Traveling WilBogers will be big enough to make their own shade, without the aid of trees or awnings, just our bulging bellies! Looks like we're gonna need a bigger table, perhaps as big as the desk of the MD State Governor.

0bx07-006-blackwater lunch.jpg (148438 bytes)

After a night of rest, preceded by a seafood dinner at the Town Dock in St. Michaels, MD, the traveling continued to Blackwater Wildlife Refuge, where we set up the telescope to watch birds, but ... Wait a minute, where is everybody?

0bx07-005-blackwater lunch.jpg (114602 bytes)

Yes, it's us and we're eating again. Notice that we figured out we HAVE a bigger table - in RVan! 
Shoulda put out the awning again so Bob 'n Char could eat in its shadow.

0bx07-007-roadside market.jpg (181557 bytes)

Next morning, after another huge seafood dinner at the Ocean Odyssey in Cambridge, MD, our first stop had to be to buy something to EAT! Someone (perhaps Farmer Hurley himself) watched our antics from the shadows of the garage. 

0bx07-008-duelling goosnecks.jpg (135037 bytes)

Well, not everything we bought was edible. These gooseneck squash were just too cute to resist. En Gourde!

0bx07-009-bob's dash.jpg (111392 bytes)

See how cute?

0bx07-010-ferry captain.jpg (123213 bytes)

You want too cute? You got two cute: 1.) the ferry operator at the Union Ferry and 
2.) Bog trying to steer RVan as the ferry took off across the Wicomico River :-)

0bx07-011-stalled car.jpg (232667 bytes)

You want not-too-cute? You got a car that wouldn't start, a blaring radio that wouldn't quit, and a  dude who wouldn't pull up his pants. Bog says the briefs were rather cute, "butt" that ain't obvious here.

0bx07-012-109s suite outside.jpg (124304 bytes)

How about a good deal on a Comfort Inn Suite? You want that? Bob got that in Chincoteague, VA. 
2 bedrooms, 2 and 1/2 baths, full kitchen, living/dining room, brand-new, never been stayed in & only ... $109 per night. 

0bx07-015-master bedroom.jpg (131350 bytes)

Unbelievable - we could have invited droopy drawers and all his friends over - oh, yeah, that would have been unbelievable!

comfort.jpg (506390 bytes)

0bx07-013-livingroom.jpg (138960 bytes)

Lunch of crab balls and a crab bowl at the Cove Restaurant in Crisfield, MD doesn't seem to have made us crabby, but it did make our bellies bulge a bit. Bob doesn't need a bigger table for his beer, but in his defense, some of that bulge is actually a hernia.

0bx07-014-Bob's hernia.jpg (134390 bytes)

0bx07-016-Chincoteague sunset with boat.jpg (92970 bytes)

Our Suite was not right on the Atlantic Ocean, but it was a short walk to Chincoteague Bay, where we enjoyed the sunset.

0bx07-017-Chincoteague sunset.jpg (102547 bytes)

We didn't enjoy the sight of the cranes nor the thought of the future buildings blocking out the sight of the sunset, but we're here, it's clear, let's have another beer!

0bx07-019-Laurie.jpg (124026 bytes)

Lori waves goodbye, but she had given us such a good deal on the Suite that we decided not to leave!

0bx07-020-Osprey.jpg (151860 bytes)

We are not the only ones eating our way through the Delmarva. Mr/Ms Osprey enjoys a seafood lunch.

0bx07-021-sika ekj.jpg (347622 bytes) A Sika Deer, actually an elk, forages for a meal in the shade. Note the white "briefs" on this dude. sika deer close.jpg (599682 bytes)
0bx07-022-chincoteague pony.jpg (246393 bytes) Chincoteague Island is famous for its ponies, 
whose meals of salty marsh grass often result in bloated bellies, just like ours!
0bx07-023-chincoteague ponies & lighthouse.jpg (192227 bytes)
0bx07-024-DelMarVa Fox Squirrel.jpg (250555 bytes)

Chincoteague is also one of the few places where the Endangered Delmarva Fox Squirrel survives! Bob refers to squirrels as "rats with good press agents". These squirrels must have EXCELLENT press agents, b/c Bob actually wanted to go back the next day to try for a better picture than this grab shot of Bog's. 

0bx07-018-Chincoteague sunset ckise.jpg (52347 bytes)

The sunset was wonderful, even with the shadow of current buildings! Kinda reminded us of the view from Greene 217 looking into the Genesee River Valley so many years ago when we had to w-we-wer-werk late.

0bx07-025-b'nc in the kitchen window.jpg (52595 bytes)

The sunrise was wonderful, too, with our two dear friends in the shadow of the Suite's kitchen "window". Two cute!

0bx07-026-the leak.jpg (107204 bytes)

Trouble in Paradise: Remember we said the Suite was brand-new, never been stayed in? That means never been showered in, and leaks never been discovered - till now. Closest we've been to being rained on.

bob-01-loblolly.jpg (290144 bytes)

This is where the Endangered Delmarva Fox Squirrel should have posed for Bob, but it must have had a prior engagement. Too bad, but we'll settle for Bob's dramatic shot of loblolly pines against a brilliant blue sky. Ahhhhh, how sceneric.

bob-02-great egret.jpg (241360 bytes)

Fish gotta swim, Egrets gotta eat 'em, Bob's gotta have at least one bird picture.

0bx07-027-truck balls.jpg (157731 bytes)

There were 2 trucks of note in this parking lot. The other one was was decked out in flower garlands, a Just Married sign and wrapped in Saran Wrap. Too cute. This, however, was one ballsy truck, with bumper stickers: "ACLU: We don't hate religion, we just hate Christianity" and "U.N. American" and window stickers: "ProtestWarrior.com: Fighting the LEFT, but doing it RIGHT!" and "Peace - the Old-Fashioned Way" where the triangle in the peace sign was a fighter jet. Take the picture, quick, before the owner comes out. Too scary!

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