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Ohio 2007
Sinking Spring ...

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Ohio Route
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Sinkingspring-01-Spring.jpg (373203 bytes)

The Sinking Spring for which Sinking Springs is named

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The funeral home where my Aunt Lucille's funeral was held ... this funeral home has been here for as long as Mom remembers.

Sinkingspring-03-StreetNorthFromStop.jpg (148727 bytes)

Looking north down the main drag - notice the gaps where old buildings have been torn down and nothing built to replace 'em.

Sinkingspring-04-StreetNW.jpg (144091 bytes)

West side of road; Mom recognized this as Oscar Ehyler's house. The old red building next to Ehyler's is where my Aunt Grace had a small general store.

Sinkingspring-05-StreetSW.jpg (165662 bytes)

Looking south. This was the oldest remaining house still standing - sorta. I thought it was the building where Aunt Grace had a store, so I took several pictures.. Alas, the real store building is only shown partially in two other pictures.

Sinkingspring-06-StreetSouth.jpg (162792 bytes)

Looking south along the main drag. This is a companion shot to the third picture above.

Sinkingspring-07-PO.jpg (158218 bytes)

The P.O. The McElwee store next door belongs to a family notorious for their, shall we say, alternative lifestyle. The McElwee boys were the local outlaws.

Sinkingspring-08-MasonicLodge1.jpg (236216 bytes)

This is the building where my Uncle Buck once played a basketball. Spectators sat in drawers pulled out from the wall. No, there wasn't a large audience for a game that probably ended with a score of 5 to 8.

Sinkingspring-09-MasonicLodge2.jpg (172170 bytes)

Another view of the same building. The guy in the red pickup was keeping an eye on us.

Sinkingspring-10-HouseNWside.jpg (259963 bytes)

This is where Leon Deardorff, a friend of the family, used to live. I remember sitting on the cement steps one summer evening. My Aunt Grace scolded me  because she thought I'd catch cold from sitting on the cement. 

Sinkingspring-11-HousesNWSide.jpg (235578 bytes)

This is next door to Glenn's and one of the nicest houses in the current version of the town.

Sinkingspring-12-HouseWestSide.jpg (129935 bytes)

Another view of Ehyler's old house. The red building next door may have been where my Aunt Grace had a small general store. 

Sinkingspring-13-Octagon1.jpg (200914 bytes)

The Octagon House is Sinking Spring's most famous landmark by far. Uncle Buck went to high school in the building. It later was used as a jail. Now it seems to house the town historical society. Probably a society of one.

Sinkingspring-14-Octagon2.jpg (200118 bytes)

Janie taking a peek inside. Oddly there was a noose hanging from the ceiling. Wonder what that's all about.

Sinkingspring-15-OldBuildingWestSide.jpg (155118 bytes)

Close up of the oldest house still standing on the main drag, which I thought was Aunt Grace's store. Nope, see above.

Sinkingspring-16-Gym.jpg (202834 bytes)

The "new" gym built by WPA in 1938 - after Uncle Buck had left town for OSU.

Sinkingspring-17-SaintsChurch1.jpg (206015 bytes)

The Saints church where all Mom's family - extended and otherwise - attended - some were officials. Yep, Saints, as in LDS. It was the only church in town at the time, so everyone went there regardless of the Mormon affiliation. 

Sinkingspring-18-SaintsChurch2.jpg (194878 bytes)

The back side of the church ... the privy is still standing. I remember playing with my cousin Dwight on the lawn here ... some 60 years ago.

Sinkingspring-19-Cemetary01-Gate.jpg (319184 bytes)

The entrance to the Pleasant Hill Cemetery where many of my relatives are buried.

Sinkingspring-20-Cemetary02-Oscar&MaryCrum.jpg (355587 bytes)

Marker for my Grandparents - Mom's parents: Oscar Wayland & Mary Catherine Crum. My grandfather went by OW; he died when I was 23 months old. There were lots of Crums and several Mary Crums, so they went by special names like Mary Catherine, or Mary Ray for Ray Crum's wife.

Sinkingspring-21-Cemetary03-GuyJ&Lucille.jpg (346018 bytes)

My Aunt Lucille (Mom's sister) and Uncle Guy (Guy J). I couldn't say Lucille, so I called her Auntie Choo. How endearing. She once dissected a sparrow I'd shot with my BB gun ... and showed me the testes inside. Cool. Auntie Choo was actually born in 1899, but Guy J wanted it to be in the 20th century, so he put 1900 on the marker. But the joke's on him; the 20th century didn't start until 1901 ;-)

Sinkingspring-22-Cemetary04-GuysParents.jpg (335526 bytes)

Guy J's parents' grave marker

Sinkingspring-23-Cemetary05-Edwin&Nina-Ray&Mary.jpg (318018 bytes)

More Crums going back to the turn of the last century - Ray & Mary are Edwin's mother & dad.

Sinkingspring-24-Cemetary06-Ray&Mary.jpg (293563 bytes)

Close up of Ray & Mary's marker

Sinkingspring-25-Cemetary07-Hepsy.jpg (321721 bytes)

Hepsy was Ray's mother. She smoked a corn-cob pipe and looked for all the world like Mammy Yokum. 

Sinkingspring-26-Cemetary08-JohnHarrison.jpg (336699 bytes)

John Harrison Crum Sr was my grandfather's grandfather; my great-great-great grandfather. 

Sinkingspring-27-Cemetary09-Phebe.jpg (327751 bytes)

Phebe was the wife of John Harrison Crum Jr., who was my grandfather's father. Thus, Phebe was my grandfather's grandmother; my great-great grandmother. Phebe's maiden name was Lowe, which was Uncle Buck's middle name: Carlos Lowe Crum ... you can see why he went by "Buck".

Sinkingspring-28-Cemetary10-AnnM.jpg (270270 bytes)

Ann M. Crum was John Harrison Crum Sr's wife, so she is my grandfather's grandmother or my great-great-great grandmother.

Sinkingspring-29-Cemetary11-JohnHarrisonJr.jpg (356251 bytes)

John Harrison Jr., my grandfather's father and husband of Phebe and my great-great grandfather.

Sinkingspring-30-Willowbrook1.jpg (317134 bytes)

Willow Brook where Guy J and Lucille lived - and I visited frequently. 

Sinkingspring-31-Willowbrook2.jpg (297134 bytes)

Willow Brook - notice the cement platform where the old-style, gravity-feed gas tanks used to be. Mom remembers pumping gas from 'em. 

Sinkingspring-32-HouseOnRoad.jpg (141551 bytes)

Henry &  Viola Riley home on the way from town to the old home place.

Sinkingspring-33-CrumHouse1.jpg (221289 bytes)

Grandma's house looking south along Crum Lane. My Grandfather OW Crum built this from scratch. He dug the foundation with a horse and scoop. I have lots of memories from the many visits from 1943 to 1961.

Sinkingspring-34-CrumHouse2.jpg (196422 bytes)

The south side of the house. That open grass area used to be Grandma's garden.

Sinkingspring-35-CrumHouse3.jpg (327336 bytes)

The front porch with the remaining trees planted by my grandfather, OW.

Sinkingspring-36-CrumHouse4.jpg (130173 bytes)

Grandpa's barn and garage - he built both. The garage is where the newly slaughtered pig used to hang while being dressed. Grandpa used to slaughter one pig for each family member (6 total), cure the meat in the smoke house, and eat off of it for the year. That hand-cured meat was yummy good.

Sinkingspring-37-CrumHouse5.jpg (160067 bytes)

The metal roof in the distance belongs to the barn that accompanied the Old House, where Mom was born and the family lived until the new house was built. The old has was just that - old. They got water from a nearby spring. The walls were insulated with newspaper. There was an outhouse, but my grandfather never used it - he went "behind the woodpile". I guess the guy that has to clean it out didn't want to contribute to that collection.

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