Pine Creek-Jason's-ADKs 2008 

Route Map

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Trip Log

002-PineCreek-MerganserPair.jpg (216896 bytes)

Mergansers are plentiful along Pine Creek all the time, but in late June there are mainly females and juveniles, no males.

001-PineCreek-Turble.jpg (431418 bytes)

Turtles may be plentiful, but we don't usually see them up close and personal like this.

003-PineCreek-MountainAsh.jpg (591685 bytes)

This bush was so brilliant scarlet we didn't recognize it as a mountain ash. Our Naweedna mountain ashes were a dull greenish yellow when we left home, and are orange when ripe.

004-PineCreek-MerganserChicksOnARock.jpg (259113 bytes)

More mergansers; mainly females and juveniles.

005-PineCreek-LittleGreenHeron.jpg (226405 bytes)

A green heron lurks among the rocks that it resembles. Hint: the heron is the blurry rock with legs.

006-PineCreek-Janie.jpg (254827 bytes)

A biker chick searches Pine Creek for any living thing and finds mainly mosquitoes.

007-PineCreek-BeardsTonguer.jpg (202392 bytes)

Beardtongue was blooming ...

008-PineCreek-FloweringRaspberry.jpg (169183 bytes)

Purple flowering raspberry was blooming ...

009-PineCreek-MountainLaurel.jpg (256702 bytes)

Mountain Laurel (Pennsylvania State Flower) was blooming in profusion ...

010-PineCreek-CementaryWide.jpg (219239 bytes)

but in the cemetery, no one was pushing up daisies or other flowers.

011-PineCreek-CementaryClose.jpg (504092 bytes)

Things that struck us about this cemetery: all but 2 tombstones face the river and many of the tombstones mark the tombs of the Tomb Family.

012-PineCreek-RattlesnakeRocks.jpg (284397 bytes)

Let's saddle up the horses while RVan waits in the sun at Rattlesnake Rock parking lot.

013-PineCreek-UpStreamView.jpg (177095 bytes)

The Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania reveals itself as we ride.

014-PineCreek-DeerCrossing.jpg (280129 bytes)

The tail end of a "parade" of 3 young bucks crossing Pine Creek.

015-PineCreek-Upstream.jpg (284659 bytes)

There's beauty around every bend of the stream ...

016-PineCreek-GBH.jpg (219694 bytes)

The occasional great blue heron ...

017-PineCreek-MerganserOnRock.jpg (130209 bytes)

More mergansers ...

018-PineCreek-MerganserOnRock2.jpg (180314 bytes)

Many mergansers ...

019-PineCreek-MerganserOnRockWithChicks.jpg (490301 bytes)

Many more mergansers; mainly females and juveniles...

020-PineCreek-RedSpottedPurple&WhiteAdmiral.jpg (452219 bytes)

And for a little variety, butterflies; mainly white admirals and red spotted purples,
but they turn out to be the same species! Who knew?

021-PineCreek-TiadaghtonRock.jpg (277227 bytes)

Perhaps the population of Tiadaghton knew - de bof of 'em.

022-PineCreek-KingCornMilkSnake.jpg (614580 bytes)

Janie didn't know the pointy, straight "stick" she ran over was actually a snake until ... "bump, bump" ... it coiled up, then slowly uncoiled and slithered off the trail to "lick?" its wounds. Sorry.

023-PineCreek-DaysEndPond.jpg (337692 bytes)

There was no mistaking the Days End Campground Lake Monster for a stick, except it never did uncoil or slither off or move at all. That's kinda like a stick.

024-PineCreek-DaysEndEagle.jpg (198431 bytes)

Days End Campground is Eagle- approved, but the proprietors would probably not like having a real eagle around. Too messy.

025-PineCreek-DaysEndBathHouseExterior.jpg (162750 bytes)

The bathhouse at Days End Campground was not a bit messy. In fact, we were afraid to use it for fear of getting it dirty.

026-PineCreek-DaysEndBathHouseInterior.jpg (125530 bytes)

Besides, it took too long to read all the notes and warning signs. Dick Young would approve.

027-Jason'sKitchen.jpg (349196 bytes)

We heartily approve of Jason's "humble" abode, his lovely friend Jenn, and her Thai chicken soup!

028-LimelilnLakeCampsite.jpg (263964 bytes)

After a 40 mile bike ride on Moose River Plains in the Adirondacks, we sat on the shore of Limekiln Lake and watched three Mallard families feeding just below our campsite. In the distance, we could hear the Loons, Bogie, the Loons!