Nova Scotia 2001

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Mikey, the wild man, at Wildwood Campground in the White Mountains National Forest, New Hampshire

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Mikey enflames the mighty Svea. Smokey the Bear says, Fire Danger HIGH today.

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What do you mean, you don't like camping? How can anyone not like camping?

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The Ft. Nashwaak Motel in Fredericton, New Brunswick is a little like camping. You get your own cabin and a place to park RVan.

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And you get a beautiful sunset over the town and LETOM sign.

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Camping isn't all that much fun when there are biting insects and rain, but that's when RVan doubles as a cozy cabin for four. Boylston Provincial Park, Nova Scotia.

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Breathtaking scenery along the Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

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Mikey wishes he could find some breadth-taking scenery.

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On the deck at Castle Rock Inn near Ingonish, NS

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Off the dock at Castle Rock Inn near Ingonish, NS

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One of many consultations: where are we, where are we going, how do we get there from here?

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Where are we? Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
Where are we going? Not Lalaland, Not Lowenbrau, Not Lourdes - LUNENBURG
How do we get there from here? Don't ask.

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The Harbour at Mahone Bay, NS

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How was our trip, you ask?

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The beams in a Mahone Bay craft shop reminded Bog and Mikey of the story of putting in Bob's Garage Doors. Someday, Mikey will write that story up to share with the world.

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A trio of touristas in Mahone Bay

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