Geneseo Ecology Club President Ellisa Pelligrino presents a check to Geneseo Valley Conservancy Executive Director Eric Grace for $100 to protect local land.

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Roemer Arboretum
Rochester-Area Environmental Web Site

Environmental News
Food For Thought
World Emissions Map (1.4 MB)
Save the World!
Geneseo Environmental Organization (previously - Students Promoting A Clean Environment, or "SPACE")


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Mission Statement
    We, as both human beings and volunteers, have a responsibility to encourage ecological awareness on and off campus. Through activities and hands-on interaction with the environment, we the Ecology Club hope to dispell common misconseptions, and fight campus ignorance of the environment and its wondrous resources.

    While we are a fledgling group and not yet recognized by the school as an official club, we will work to educate the student body, faculy and staff, and the surrounding community. We must acknowledge the profound influence that the environment has on us. We must also therefore learn to appreciate it, and above all respect and protect it.

Updated: March 2003