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English Club is responsible for publishing Opus, an annual literary magazine full of original pieces created by Geneseo students. Opus includes artwork, photography, short stories, and poems.

As a member of Geneseo English Club, you get to determine what goes into this highly-respected magazine. Anyone who goes to Geneseo can send up to five of his or her original works to be considered for publication in Opus. This means that English Club members must sort through hundreds of student submissions each year! As members of Geneseo English Club read these submissions, they are asked to rate each submission (in terms of quality, effectiveness, et cetera) on a scale of one to ten. After all submissions have been read and evaluated, their received scores are averaged out. Only about fifty of the most highly-scoring pieces are put into Opus. Opus design (cover art, fonts, order in which each piece appears in the magazine) is also determined by the votes of English Club members. The final product is the result of a lot of hard work and is always something for members to be incredibly proud of.

You can view some previous issues of Opus electronically by going to the "Past Editions of Opus" section of this website. For hard copies of past issues of Opus, please stop by the English Learning Center on the top floor of Welles or talk to a member of English Club.

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