Theodore J. (Ted) Everett

Professor and Chair of Philosophy,  SUNY Geneseo



CV (.htm)

    Ph.D. in Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Madison 1996
    M.A. in Philosophy, University of Iowa 1979
    A.B. in Mathematics, Indiana University 1973

Philosophical interests:
    Epistemology, Metaphysics, Logic, Ethics 

Academic positions:


Chair, 2014-present

Professor, 2007-present

Associate Professor, 20022007

Assistant Professor, 19962002

University of Wisconsin-Madison:

Lecturer, 19941995



Vague Disagreements and Sorites, Logic, Epistemology, and the Unity of Science 33: On the Sorites Paradox

New York: Springer (forthcoming) (.htm)

Peer Disagreement and Two Principles of Rational Belief, Australasian Journal of Philosophy 93(2), 2015: 273-286 (.htm)

Other Minds and the Origins of Consciousness, Anthropology and Philosophy 11, 2014-15: 77-94 (.htm)

Justice and Gini Coefficients (with Bruce M. Everett), Politics, Philosophy, and Economics 14(2), 2015: 187-208 (.htm)

Observation and Induction, Logos and Episteme 1(2), 2010: 303-324

    Antiskeptical Conditionals, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 73(2), 2006: 505-536

    Are there Non-existent Entities?, The Philosophy of Panayot Butchvarov: a collegial evaluation

            (Larry Blackman, ed.), Lewiston, New York: Edwin Mellon Press, 2005: 3-19
    Analyticity Without Synonymy in Simple Comparative Logic, Synthese 130(2), 2002: 303-315

    The Rationality of Science and the Rationality of Faith, Journal of Philosophy 98(1), 2001: 19-42
    Other Voices, Other Minds, Australasian Journal of Philosophy 78(2), 2000: 213-222
    A Simple Logic for Comparisons and Vagueness, Synthese, 123(2), 2000: 263-278


Under review:


Works in progress:

Disagreement and Belief

A Model for Theories of Distributive Justice

Conference presentations:

Peer Disagreement and Two Principles of Rationality, The Creighton Club, November 2012

Are there Non-Existent Entities?, Exploring the Thought of Panayot Butchvarov, SUNY-Geneseo, April 2004

Conditional Knowledge and Skepticism, The Creighton Club, October 2001

Two Principles of Belief, Tri-State Philosophical Association, April 1999

Observation and the Problem of Induction, The Creighton Club, March 1998


Geneseo lectures:

Against "Sustainability", May 2014 (video)

Against "Sexual" "Assault" "Awareness", April 2013

An Argument for Humean Creationism, February 2010

In Defense of Vague Existence and Identity, September 2008

Enough, Already: Bringing an End to Political Correctness, March 2008 (audio)

Darwin, Evolution, and Philosophy, March 2008

Three Dimensions of Belief, April 2007

The Moral Origins of Wicked Institutions, October 2003

Epistemic Commitment, October 2002

Partial Personal Identity, April 2001

The Metaphysics of Abortion, October 1999

Suicide and Abortion, September 1999

Rationality, Complexity and History: An Introduction to Epistemic Models, October 1997

Affirmative Action as Domestic, Foreign and Foundational Policy, April 1997


Geneseo panels and debates:

The 2012 Election, October 2012

Inequality and Social Justice, December 2011

Justice and John Rawls, April 2011

Health Care Reform, November 2009

The 2008 Election, October 2008

Should We Colonize Other Planets?, November 2007

Global Warming, April 2007

    The Death Penalty, April 2006 (audio)

    Hurricane Katrina, October 2005 (audio)

Political Philosophy, October 2004

The War in Iraq, February 2003

Responding to 9/11, October 2001

Does God exist?, April 2000

Presidential Impeachment, October 1998

The Values of the Sixties, November 1997

Evolution and Creationism, March 1997


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