My Degrees I previously taught at Middlebury College on a Two-year Visiting Position.  I have been employed at SUNY Geneseo since then.

Since I have been here I have taught (or will teach*)


Ma 113 Finite Math
Ma 140 Math For Elementary Ed Majors I
Ma 141
Math For Elementary Ed Majors II
Ma 213 Applied Calculus (Business Calc)
Ma 221 Calculus I
Ma 222 Calculus II
Ma 233 Elementary Linear Algebra
Ma 326 Differential Equations
Ma 332 Linear Programming and Operations Research
Ma 333 Linear Algebra
Ma 345 Numerical Analysis
Ma 371 Introduction to Complex Analysis*
Ma 380 Topics in Wavelets


Ma 421 Foundations of Calculus
Ma 433 Applied Matrix Techniques
Ma 475 Applied and Computational Math