Student Research

I enjoy working with students on a one-to-one basis.  Research projects with students give me the opportunity to pursue this.  Projects may involve, but are not limited to independent/directed studies to extend material beyond a formally given course, pursuing an entirely new topic, or working on solving problems or certain aspects of problems that have not been previously solved.

Students may present their results informally (e.g. as a presentation at a PRISM meeting or to the Math department) or more formally (e.g. as a presentation or poster session at the Hudson River Undergraduate Math Conference , a SEAWAY section meeting or at the Geneseo G.R.E.A.T Day ).

I am most interested in the areas of Linear Algebra and Matrices, Wavelets, Linear Programming, Numerical Analysis, and offshoots of these areas.  If you are interested in pursuing a topic in any of these areas, then stop by and we'll talk about it.

Many of the following students have gone on to obtain or are currently pursuing  Masters degrees or Doctoral degrees in math or related areas.

Student Projects

In Spring 2009 I worked with Nicole Kingsley('09) on Directed Study in Continuous Wavelets and then on a project using wavelets involving Facial Recognition in Images.  Nicole has given many presentations at the Joint Math Meetings, Seaway Section Meetings, GREAT Day, Math Day, Nebraska Conference for <>Undergraduate Women in Math, in addition to three of my classes.

In Spring 2008 I worked with Suf Shahin('08) on a Master's Thesis having to do with the Moebius Strip.  He presented at GREAT Day 2008.

In fall 2006 I did a directed study with Kari George ('07) on Crytopgraphy.  Kari presented a topic in Crytography in spring 2007.

I worked with Elizabeth Darrow ('06) and Professor Macula on analyzing data from an algorithm SynDCode, used to predict free energy values of pairs of DNA strands by another algorithm called PairFold.  She presented a poster in New Orleans at the Joint Meetings last January (2007).  She also gave a talk at the Hudson River Undergraduate Conference in 2006.

In Spring '04, I worked with Malinda Wesley on a project resulting from a directed study in Numerical Analysis II dealing with wavelets and image processing.

In Spring '01, Erin Bicknell, and in Spring '00, Jennifer Pearce ('00-currently finishing her teaching accredition in Colorado), Rachel Schwell ('00), and Rebecca Bienvenue ('00) worked on projects with me.

Jen presented her work at the Huson River Undergraduate Conference and at the Undergraduate Science and Math Symposium.  Rachel and Rebecca presented a poster at the Undergraduate Science and Math Symposium and Rachel gave a presentation at the MAA Seaway Section meeting.

In Spring '98, three students worked with me, Luis Baars ('98), Shelly Tartaglia ('99), and Lisa Wood ('99-who recently received a Ph.D. from NC State).  Shelly and Lisa continued their work with me in Fall '98.

In Fall '98 Shelly presented two posters dealing with Cryptography at the1999 Geneseo Student Poster session where she was asked to place them on display in Milne Library.

Lisa and Shelly both presented posters at the Joint Math meetings in San Antonio in Jan '99.