Asian Studies Minor Program

Randy Kaplan , Coordinator (Bodie 324)

With a broad definition of Asia extending from the Pacific Rim to the Arabian Sea, this minor gives students of all ethnic backgrounds new opportunity to study Asia as an integral part of the human civilization. For the Asian-background students in Geneseo, it provides them an important channel through which they may learn more about their own cultural roots. By stressing interdisciplinary comparison (including such disciplines as anthropology, art history, geography, history, foreign languages, literature, performing arts, philosophy, political science, and sociology), this minor is especially designed to serve students who are interested in learning about how different Asian cultures, religions, languages, and social practices coexist and intermix. As the world has become increasingly interdependent and multi-cultural, this minor trains students to meet the challenges they are going to face as qualified citizens of the twenty-first century.


Total Required Hours: 21

Basic Requirements: Completion of 21 credit hours (7 courses) from the courses listed below.

Courses must be chosen in such a way that the following requirements are met:

    1. Four courses must be above the 100-level
    2. No more than 2 Asian language courses can be counted toward meeting the requirement.
    3. The seven (7) courses chosen should be from at least 3 different departments.

Advisement will be required for all students pursuing the program.

 Relevant courses:



Anth. 214

Peoples of Southeast Asia


Art History:


ArtH 180

Non-Western Art


ArtH 284

Art of Asia




Engl 241

World Literature (when applicable)


Engl 267

Non-Western Literature (when applicable)


Foreign Languages


Chinese 101

Elementary Chinese I


Chinese 102    

Elementary Chinese II


Japanese 101

Elementary Japanese I


Japanese 102

Elementary Japanese II


Chinese 201

Intermediate Chinese I


Chinese 202

Intermediate Chinese II




Geog 123

The Developing World


Geog 360

Asian Field Course


Geog 366

The Orient and Oceania




Hist 103

Introduction to Non-Western History


Hist 281

Traditional East Asian History to 1840


Hist 282

East Asian History since 1600


Hist 291

The Islamic Middle East: 600-1800


Hist 292

The Modern Middle East: 1800 to the Present


Hist 327

Transforming Russia and China


Hist 380

Studies in Non-Western History (when applicable)


Hist 381

Ancient China


Hist 382

Modern China




Phil 214

Chinese Philosophy


Phil 215

Eastern Philosophy


Political Science


Plsc 240

Asia in the Global Setting


School of Performing Arts


Mus 123

Music of the World’s Peoples


Thea 305

Topics in Theater History: Asian Theater


Danc 104

Cultural Dance I (when applicable)


Danc 204

Cultural Dance II (when applicable)


Danc 211

Cultural Dance of Asian Peoples


Danc 304

Cultural Dance III (when applicable)




Socl 105

Introduction to the Sociology of the Third World


Socl 337

Comparative Non-Western Social Institutions