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What is Iaido?

Iaido, pronounced e-eye-do, is an ancient Japanese martial art which uses the katana, or Japanese sword. Iaido is the art of simultaneously drawing and cutting with the katana, and students of this art primarily practice prearranged solo routines called kata. Kata are not performed against other people, so iaido is quite safe. The style practiced by the Iaido Club of Geneseo is the Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu as well as Zen Ken Ren Seitei iai.

What Iaido is NOT:

Iaido is NOT a way to learn flashy, movie-style swordplay.

Is Iaido right for you?

Iaido is a very detail-oriented and beautiful art, and is one that requires a lot of patience, committment, and determination to learn. We welcome all parties with interest in this art, but also understand that it requires individuals with a particular mindset to maintain that interest. However, for those who do stay interested, and remain committed, Iaido is a very rewarding art to learn, and is something that could potentially be done throughout one's whole life.

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