Topology Project Guidelines and Suggestions

Your research project should be on a topic in topology that is new to you and not covered in class.  Your research should include more than two sources, and therefore a book other than those used in class.  Your paper should include at least one significant proof.  This is a semester-long research project.  Your final result should reflect that investment.  

Our textbooks are one starting point in searching for topics.  Here are others:

The Shape of Space, Jeff Weeks (QA612.2.W44 2002)
When Topology Meets Chemistry, Erica Flapan (QD455.3 T65 F53 2000)
A First Course in Geometric Topology and Differential Geometry, Ethan D. Bloch (QA611,B55 1997)
Three-dimensional Geometry and Topology, William P. Thurston (QA685.S12 1994)
Topology of Surfaces, Christine L. Kinsey (QA611.K47 1993)
A Topological Picturebook, George K. Francis (QA611.F69 1987)
Topology; a first course, James R. Munkres (QA611.M82)
Knot Theory, Charles Livingston (QA612.2.L58 1993)
Counterexamples in Topology, Lynn A Steen & J. Arthur Seebach (QA611.3 S74)
First Concepts of Topology, W.G. Chinn & N.E. Steenrod (QA611 C42)
Topology of Surfaces, L. Christine Kinsey (QA611 K47 1993)
Topology, W.W. Fairchild & C Ionescu Tulcea (QA611 F33)
Introduction to Topology, Theodore W. Gamelin & Robert Everist Greene (QA611 G35 1983)
Elementary Topology:  A Combinatorial and Algebraic Approach, Donald W. Blackett (QA612 B57 1982)
The Knot Book, Colin C. Adams (QA612.2 A33 1994)
Knot Theory and Its Applications, Kunion Murasugi (in library as electronic book 2008)
Topology of Surfaces, Knots, and Manifolds, Stephan C. Carlson (QA611 C328 2001)
Topology : The Rubber Sheet Geometry - Exploring Mathematics on Your Own, Donovan A. Johnson & William H. Glenn (QA611 J6)
Experiments in Topology, Stephen Barr (QA611 B26)

from my personal library:

Introduction to General Topology, George L. Cain (1994)
Beginning Topology, Sue E. Goodman (2005)
Intuitive Topology, V. V. Prasolov (1995)
Introduction to Topology:  Pure and Applied, Colin Adams & Robert Franzosa (2008)
Introductory Topology, Stewart Scott Cairns (1961)
Knots and Surfaces, David W. Farmer & Theodore B. Stanford (1996)

These are the ones that I would recommend.  However, browsing the QA600s would also be valuable.  Something isn't in the library, it's likely to be in my office.  Please stop by.

The most reliable way to insure that things are heading in a proper direction is by regular consultation with me.  I would suggest looking around, finding something of interest, and then coming to me to discuss it, ask for more references, and help with details.  I will help each of you with any of the details along the way.