Mathematics 141

Here is the full syllabus.

Here is some printable geoboard dot paper.

And here is some isoperimetric dot paper for activity 6.10.  And here are the virtual building blocks for playing along.

Here are some printable pattern blocks.  And here are our virtual pattern blocks.

The links are in the activity for revised 6.14, but again here is our construction game site.  And here is one way to copy a triangle.

Here is a spinner for use with 8.10 IIa.

Here is a simple way to roll dice.  And here are some more probability tools, including selecting objects from a bag.

For 8.11 we have customised spinners.  Sorry, it's not as cute as the bag was.  This one is for 8.11 IaThis one is for 8.11 IIa.

For B7.15 we have an even more customised spinner for selecting red or blue fish.  Sorry that there are no colours in the wheel, but the number is the number of blue fish in your sample. 

For 8.5 this spinner tells the number of tagged fish in your sample

Here is a list of the items that you will need for this class, including a detailed list of the manipulative kit .  

Here is a list of the weekly questions.  And here are comments on them

If you are looking for help, and I am not available, consider the math learning center

Some early Geneseo mathematics history - what it meant to be a normal school.

Here's a place you may leave anonymous comments about the course.

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