Mathematics 338

Here is the syllabus, it will be improved as class continues.
The opening material can be found in the OUTBOX.  Here is a link to the document itself (you must login using your Geneseo ID to get there).
Here are some extra resources (and particularly problems) for general topology. 
Extra problems handout from the beginning of general topology.
Here is a source for some material on the study of knots.  A little more on symmetries.  And here's a knot table.  There are many other sources for it, but there's one (this is not a knot table). 
Here is the chapter 6 material on knots
Some source material for covering spaces
Here is an in-progress site for the problem sets
Here's my single favourite history of mathematics web site.  Look there  for more information about the history of any mathematics.
Check it out, all sorts of separation axioms (they say our T_{1/2} is their T_0, I wonder if there's another T_0). 
I suggest looking at this list of terms and writing up your own glossary and reference guide. 
Hey look, it's topology of vector fields!
Here a place you may leave anonymous comments about the course.
If you would like to see something more on this page, please tell me.

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