2016-2017 SHOWS:

Michael Londra's Celtic Fire

October 1 | 7pm | Wadsworth Auditorium
One of Ireland's leading tenors brings you an evening of songs, stories, tunes and dance, from the heart of the Emerald Isle. From a tiny spark, Michael Londra's Celtic Fire now travels the world in many forms. With 100% live music, dance and song, the show generates an electric atmosphere that sweeps audiences away to Ireland, its culture, its land, its pubs, its music and its soul. The music of Celtic Fire show is traditional at its core, with all of Ireland's national instruments, the fiddle driving frenetic reels, the great drum, the bodhran beating out the driving rhythms of the band, the plaintive uilleann pipes calling back to days of yore with beautiful and haunting slow airs. The heart of this show belongs to celebrated tenor Michael Londra who has won fans in every corner of the globe, as the lead voice of Riverdance on Broadway, as a concert singer who has performed in 40 countries and as the star of his Emmy nominated PBS special. His humor and easy connection with the audiences are what make the evening special, not to mention his stunning voice, with a performance of Danny Boy that will leave you speechless.


November 12 | 7pm | Wadsworth Auditorium
Since its founding, the touring company has performed from coast to coast in the United States. The company's repertoire celebrates tradition in fast-paced, emotive, and dynamic programs that bring cheer and, at the same time, introspection about culture and people. The repertoire now includes over 40 active dances developed collaboratively throughout the years and is continually changing. Live music, original compositions, meticulous costuming, and larger-than-life elements follow all performances by Calpulli. Educational programs have reached thousands of diverse audiences. Complementing entertainment with educational and engagement is a key value of Calpulli. Audiences are inspired to participate in dance. Its community programs continue to enrich the lives of and ensure access to quality arts programming for the underserved Mexican and Mexican-American community in the northeastern United States, primarily the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

The Filharmonic

Feburary 18 | 7pm | Wadsworth Auditorium
What started as friendly chance encounters at singing competitions in college eventually solidified into a harmonious group as they discovered their shared genuine chemistry, unparalleled love of music, and undeniable musical talents. Through social network and a strong kinship to their Filipino culture they have found their niche in the musical community. Though their passion for great music is on par, their combined talents come from a wide variety of backgrounds in the performing arts industry, including pop, a cappella, jazz, opera, theater, classical, etc. Together they honor their Filipino heritage through incredibly nuanced musical performances that are both moving and fun to experience.

Lily Cai - Chinese Dance Company

March 25 | 7pm | Wadsworth Auditorium
Elegant, sensual, and captivating, the Lily Cai Chinese Dance Company melds ancient Chinese forms with modern dance in an artistic and inventive marriage of styles. Artistic Director and Choreographer Lily Cai, a former principal dancer with the Shanghai Opera House, draws on her cultural heritage to create visually- stunning dance, performed by her all-female professional troupe. The Xing performance (pronounced Shing) is a show of movement, transition, and crossing to the future, blending beautiful traditions and ancient arts of China with bold contemporary dance. The performance is one of variety and many moods, featuring the Company's signature works: the edgy, red fan dance Xing, and the exhilarating, vibrant, ribbon dance, Silk Cascade.

Mystic India: The World Tour

April 15 | 7pm | Wadsworth Auditorium
Seen by over half a million people worldwide, Mystic India: The World Tour is an internationally acclaimed Bollywood dance spectacular based on the concept of ancient India’s transition into modern India. The show features renowned musicians, brilliant dancers, breathtaking aerialists and acrobats, and 750 opulent costumes. Known as one of the most authentic shows of its kind, it was named "the must see show of the season" by City & Shore magazine in 2013. Mystic India's colorful costumes and elaborate sets have been custom designed in India's film capital by a team of 40 designers and workers over the course of four years. The team of diverse, impeccably trained dancers combine authentic Indian and modern techniques bringing the streets of Mumbai and New York into perfect harmony. Director Amit Shah says, "If you have ever wanted to visit India, Mystic India is your direct flight there."

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