SUNY-Geneseo/Physics & Astronomy

PHYS 223: Analytical Physics III

Fall 2011

Course Information:

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Course Web Links:

CAPA main page Full course website at myCourses.geneseo Get Acrobat reader
Physics Learning Center (with caveat) "Greatest Hits" from Analytical Physics II Final Eq. Sheet from Analytical Physics II

Useful Sites and Annimations :

MIT site with much E&M
EM wave applet
Circular Polarization Animation 1
Circular Polarization Animation 2

Animations, etc, about waves
Excel sheet demo of Snell's Law
Diffraction with phasors

Web of Ideal Gas Equations
Excel sheet of Maxwell speed distribution
Black Body Demo
Excel sheet of Planck distribution

Interactive Minkowski diagram
Train through a tunnel diagram

Twin Paradox Minkowski diagram
What the Twins see
Algebra for the Twins

Momentum Conservation Example

Relativistic eye view (site with many movies)

enrollment trendYou may hear the physics faculty talking sometimes about how much the major has grown recently.  As shown in the graph to the right, it's actually been growing for about a decade, but it still takes us by surprise.

Gee, I joined the faculty in 1999.  Coincidence?