Map of the proposed Canton of Lichtental

On the map, black lines indicate SCA localities (which are based on mundane zip codes), blue lines are reasonably accurate county lines (which often have nothing to do with zip code boundaries).  All of proposed Lichtental is currently territory of Thescorre.

Everything below this line is atrociously out of date…

Gallery of Charlotte and Alex

A message from Charlotte to Bailey.

(Reverse chronological.  Click to see larger size.)

Charlotee (5 and a half), at Kindergarten graduation, shows her favorite part of the school room. Both kids had a ball playing in the mound of sand intended for the new sandbox. And Charlotte gets ready for her first try at soccer.

(June 2005)


Alex at 23 months and 2 years.

(May, June 2005)


A ride in the snow, and Alex (19 months) has cleared all the bottles out of our pantry onto the dining room table.

(Jan 2005)


A walk in the rain (Alex 14 months, Charlotee about to be 5), first day of Kindergarten, and halloween.

(Sept, Oct 2004)


A grass maze mowed into our back yard, and Charlotte beats the summer heat.

(Aug 2004)


Alex escapes from the camp St. Laurent, and gets his first haircut.

(July 2004)


Charlotte's first dance recital, and graduation from Geneseo Nursery School (iwth friend Kat and bunny Buster).

(May 2004)


Charlote is a Fairy Godmother for Halloween 2003.


Alex newborn, at 2 weeks, and at 4 months

(June to Oct 2003)

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