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Check out our "who are we" page to get familiar with a few names and faces. Then join our mailing list!

Then Join us for our weekly Mass and free pasta dinner every Thursday @ 5:15 at the Interfaith Center

Next join us for our Sunday Mass at 5:30pm starting September 6th, 2009.

If you love singing, you should join the fabulous and fun choir. To join email

Now get some free food at the Interfaith center picnic Tuesday September 8 at 6 pm.

And last but not least think about coming to a welcome overnight at Conesus Lake:

We leave Geneseo at 4:30 or 5:00 pm on Friday and drive to
beautiful Conesus Lake and return Saturday before noon.   We stay at a
beautiful, large cottage, have boat-rides, discussions, bonfire,
activities, and great food.  Suggested donation is only $20, to help cover costs. If you are interested e-mail  Registration will be limited.






**Contact Mike Sauter with questions ( or, IM screenname: forgottensauter), or check your e-mail for more information, (provided you have joined the mailing list).

If you would like to be put in contact with one of the priests that serve the Newman Community, click (here) to e-mail either Fr. Kamau or Fr. Dillon or call St. Mary's at 243-1100 and ask for a priest.



Mike's Musings, based on Lectionary readings of...

July, 2009

"Seeking the Lord and GPS"

Is. 55: 6-9

Isaiah puts it pretty simply in this week's reading, (9/21):

"Seek the Lord.".

Sounds good, one might say, but how?

Last Thanksgiving weekend, I drove around most of the greater NYC area with my brother-in-law, (a resident of Queens). I'd name something I wanted to see, he'd plug it into his GPS navigator and off we'd go. The precision and accuacy of the thing amazed me, (I had been out of the loop of such technology.), but what was most amazing was the "re-orienting" it would do when you, say, couldn't get off at an exit it recommended originally because of excessive traffic.

I knew that day that I was in the presence of some metaphor for the spiritual life, but I never quite returned to the thought to unpack it, as it were....

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