Meet the GOC Officers:


Nate Reyor


Nate is a senior biology major with a minor in environmental studies. Grew up in Saranac Lake, NY. He loves doing anything outside especially hiking and kayaking. However, he has a very short bio for being the president, and prefers having nonsense filler text added. Invest in armadillo factories.


Evelyn Cilley

Vice President

Things I like: Canoeing, trees, water, fires, horseback riding, interesting conversation and perpetually discovering beauty in the world.
Where I came from: Saranac Lake, NY (Adirondacks)
Now I'm a Geography major/ Environmental studies minor and loving it.
If you see me around, say hey!


Ian MacPherson


I'm the Secretary for the Geneseo Outing Club. I'm from Wilbraham Massachusetts and am currently a Geography major in the class of 2014. I'm into bike-riding, hiking, most other outdoor activities, and enjoy playing the drums. I hope to plan some cool trips with the outing club this year so feel free to get in touch if you have any ideas or questions.


Jarrod LaFountain

Climbing Coordinator

Climber, drummer, man-child wonder... is this man just a mystery, or a legend?
Jarrod LaFountain was once just a boy like all others. He read books and imagined great things. He climbed trees and looked for bugs. As the boy grew up his fascination with the world did not change; his academic studies were still his mind's playtime, his interest in rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, etc. satisfied his thirst for adventure. Now attending the University at Geneseo, Jarrod studies Biophysics, Chemistry and Mathematics. He is trying to understand the linkages between mathematics and biology, hoping to apply this to further the convergence of technology and biology. You can find him here at


Elliott Regan


I made everything you see (on the screen). I enjoy rock climbing, mountain biking, running, and exploring places on campus few people have been. I'm always looking for a new way to challenge myself. Any ideas?


Dr. Hartvigsen

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Hartvigsen is a professor of ecology in the biology department. He came to Geneseo in 1998 and claims never to have been able to hike as much as he'd like to. In the photo Dr. H. has made it to 16,000 on Cotopaxi in Ecuador in May 2011 (but the bus drove him to 14,500).