SUNY Geneseo: 3-2 Engineering Partners (updated January 2013)

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Case Western Reserve University




Aerospace:                    Biomedical:        Chemical:    
Civil:                               Computer:         Electrical:     
Macromolecular:          Materials:        Mechanical:  
Systems & Controls:    Engineering Physics:    (program listing from 2011)
Clarkson University 2.5 Clarkson Transfer Application:
Columbia University 3.3
Curriculum guide for all Columbia programs:
Columbia Course descriptions:
SUNY University at Buffalo
*Note: Students applying to Buffalo are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and are not guaranteed admission even if the "minimum" GPA is reached. The official articulation between Geneseo & Buffalo is currently in-process.
General Information and Guidelines:    
Mechanical Engineering Guidelines:      
Electrical Engineering Guidelines:          
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