My contact info:

Patrick X. Rault
Department of Mathematics
326C South Hall
State University of New York
Geneseo, NY 14454

Phone: 585-245-5392
Fax: 585-245-5128

About me:

I have been teaching at SUNY Geneseo since Fall 2008, when I completed my Ph.D. at UW Madison. My areas of research are number theory (specifically, arithmetic geometry) and linear algebra (specifically the study of numerical ranges in matrix analysis). My thesis advisor was Jordan Ellenberg.

For more information about my background, you can see my CV.

Current projects:

Sabbatical, research on numerical ranges, Fall 2015.

Research on open questions related primarily to my previous papers. See CV above for papers, workshops, and conferences.

Writing course textbooks for Introduction to Mathematical Proof (under review), Theory of Numbers, and Abstract Algebra.

Upstate New York Inquiry-Based Learning Consortium. $100,000 grant for 2014-17.

Council for Undergraduate Research. Elected nationally for a 2014-17 term on the governing council.

Recent projects:

Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics $22,000 grant received for a 2014-15 project with undergraduates. Resulted in four honors theses, many conference talks, and two Mathfest speaking awards by students.


Click here to see a list of conferences that I have attended or plan to attend in the near future.

Generally, I try to make it to several number theory conferences listed here Number Theory Conferences, New and Old or here Arithmetic Geometry conferences.

To see a list of some talks that I have given, see my CV above.

Teacher resources:

Priority sorting program for IBL courses, created by Fall 2011 Teaching Assistant Brian Knapp.

Academy for Inquiry Based Learning

Journal of Inquiry Based Learning in Mathematics

Geneseo resources:

Math colloquiua

Milne Library Math Resources

Student resources:

LaTeX homework template

LaTeX starter file, with many examples which you can edit and see the effect of.

Mathematics software downloads

Mathematics technology instructional guides

Undergraduate Semesters in Mathematics

Career resources:

SUNY Geneseo Math Department's Ph.D. preparation suggestions and a timeline. (SUNY Geneseo username and password required for login)

For those who ask "When will I use math?"


AMS Careers and Employment page

MAA student page

Career Options for Undergraduate Mathematics Majors: 2011 Pannel

SUNY Geneseo Teaching:

Online Course Files in Dropbox for 2012-current (see your syllabus for the link)

Problem Solving Seminar (Math 388), Spring 2013

Online Course Files Outbox for Fall 2010 to 2011

Inquiry-Based Learning course description for Abstract Algebra (Math 330 & 388), Spring 2012

Inquiry-Based Learning course description for Introduction to Mathematical Proof (Math 239), Spring 2012

Enriched Multivariable Calculus (Math 288, future Math 226, aka Honors Math II), Spring 2012

Inquiry-Based Course Description for Theory of Numbers, for Spring 2011

Calculus 1, Math 221, Spring 2010

Introduction to Mathematical Proof, Math 239, Spring 2010

Algebraic Number Theory, Math 380, Spring 2010

Calculus 1, Math 221, Fall 2009

Introduction to Mathematical Proof, Math 239, Fall 2009

Linear Algebra, Math 333, Fall 2009

Putnam Problem Solving, Math 399, Fall 2009

Elementary Linear Algebra, Math 233, Spring 2009

Theory of Numbers, Math 319, Spring 2009

Elementary Linear Algebra, Math 233, Fall 2008

Introduction to Mathematical Proof, Math 239, Fall 2008

UW Teaching:

Math 113, Trigonometry

Math 320, Linear Algebra and Differential Equations

Wisconsin Emerging Scholars Program (Fall 2005 through Fall 2006)

Delta Teaching-as-Research Program

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