Math 221: Calculus 1


Here are some applets that you can play around with to help you visualize limits, derivatives, and integrals:

Applets from Paul Seeburger

Columes of solids with square cross sections



Applets & videos from Mathematica

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All office hours will be held in my office, 326C South Hall. My office hours are at the following times.

Mondays: 2:30-3:30pm

Wednesdays: 1-1:50pm

Fridays: 9-9:50am

Appointments: If you are not available during my regular office hours and need to schedule an appointment with me outside of class, please first check my schedule on my website. Then e-mail a list of the appointment times you are available so I can schedule a one-time extra office hour (there may be other requests, and I will likely invite the whole class). I expect that you’ve already asked or consulted someone about the problem. The Math Learning Center (see the links, below) is an excellent resource and is available more often than I am. Working with other students challenges your own understanding and can solve minor misunderstandings.

In office hours, feel free to drop by and just hang out, though it is best to come with a list of questions. Its best to use your homework to figure out what types of problems you have trouble with and to isolate which part of the problems are causing that trouble. When working on your homework, I recommend (1) writing down the problems you don't understand, (2) going back and looking for common characteristics of these problems, (3) grouping them into problem types, (4) re-attempting the problems with your newfound knowledge, and finally (5) coming to me with well-thought out questions.

Syllabus and other files: Outbox

Any course documents will be posted in your instructor's outbox.

Webwork homework:

Most homework for this course will be done via the online webwork system. To log on, go to this site and log in with your username and password.

I suggest you do the tutorial first, to understand how to input answers into the system.


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