Math 113: Trigonometry

Office Hours:

All office hours will be held in my office, 620 Van Vleck, unless otherwise stated. My office hours are at the following times, and by appointment.

Tuesdays: 7:45-8:35

Thursdays: 12-12:50

I expect most special appointments to be close to exams, and I will advertise most special appointments to the whole class as an extra office hour.

Everyone can benefit from office hours, and in fact the best students come to them to ask deeper questions.

Feel free to drop by and just hang out, though it is best to come with a list of questions. Its best to use your homework to figure out what types of problems you have trouble with and to isolate which part of the problems are causing that trouble. When working on your homework, I recommend (1) writing down the problems you don't understand, (2) going back and looking for common characteristics of these problems, (3) grouping them into problem types, (4) re-attempting the problems with your newfound knowledge, and finally (5) coming to me with well-thought out questions.


For a copy of the syllabus which was handed out on the first day of class, click here. This syllabus includes the schedule of all exams and quizzes for the semester.


David Camacho's webpage, which contains the forms necessary for entering the tutoring program

Old Math 113 exams

Puzzles, Games, Magic, and Math


Have questions or want to give feedback? If e-mailing me makes you feel ill at ease, feel free to use the anonymous feedback form below.

I'm most interested in how the content is working for you, although I'm certainly happy to hear about the structural aspects of the course as well (too much discussion/not enough discussion/I'm the meanest grader ever, etc.). What content did you find interesting? What would you like to find out more about? What did you find confusing or frustrating, and what can I do to help prevent that from happening?

Remember that everyone is different and that different techniques work for different people. If only a few people prefer one way, they probably won't get their way.

I will post responses to important feedback questions here.

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