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The project is sponsored by: Africana Studies, American Studies, Department of History, Milne Library,
and Office of the Provost.

Race, Gender, and Politics at SUNY Geneseo,

In this project, student researchers are searching the College Archives, located in Milne Library, uncovering evidence of the College's political and cultural climate during the 1950's and 1960's. Read more...

This photo from Milne Library Archives, shows a Geneseo intramural basketball team whose name, the Panthers, clearly reflects the Black Power movement. Read more....

Ysaye Maria Barnwell (B.S., 1967; M.S., 1968) is a gifted musician who has for 25 years performed with the grammy-award winning a cappella ensemble "Sweet Honey in the Rock." Read more...


Student Researchers: Chris Basso, Anna Delaney, Dan Gaffney, Sara Germain, Claire Ruswick, Ryne Kitzrow, Joe Zurro

Faculty sponsors: Emilye Crosby and Sue Ann Brainard



Timeline of Events at Geneseo, 1950-1960

Primary Sources from the College Archives
Geneseo Alumni Remember the 1950's and 1960's
Future Plans for the Project
Researcher Notes
Great Day Powerpoint

"As history majors, the research project is extremely valuable for us because it enables us to utilize skills we have learned in class, but on a greater level. For most of us, research for our classes stops at the library, online databases, and Inter Library Loan. Researching in an actual archive is a useful technique and skill that gives us a greater understanding of what it means to be a historian."
-----------------------------------------------------------------------Chris Basso

“Researching specifically in our archives provides a view in the history of the college and I think it’s important for us as Geneseo students to know the history of the college that we are attending. Also, researching in the archives brings our history major into a new dimension, because we are actually doing original research in primary documents, instead of just reading what another historian wrote. We get to see what being a historian is all about!”
---_________________________________________-Claire Ruswick

“An important reason for my involvement is to see the connections between the information I am learning in classes and actual events in the community of which I am a part of at Geneseo. Another reason is to gain a more personal understanding of race relations, a subject which I have very little background in after growing up in a predominantly white town and school district.” _____________________________________________ Dan Gaffney

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The illustrations are from the SUNY Geneseo College Archives.

Updated: Aug-2007