Interwoven between my work in painting,
drawing, printmaking and photography,
has always been an impulse
to make artists' books.
Going way back to early bookbinding studies,
moving into a prolonged involvement with
constructed boxes, folders, and
re-purposed/re-worked found books,
the book as artistic material, as form, continues to entice and stimulate.
This Passport piece below was done in 2008
for Your Documents Please, an international traveling exhibition
with the works of more than 270 artists living in 27 countries.
The project was exhibited in Yokohama and Itami-shi, Japan;
Budapest, Hungary; Berlin, Germany;
Bratislava, Slovakia and Guadalajara, Mexico
over a two-year period
before returning to its closing exhibition in New York City.

DIANE SOPHRIN. Wanderer - Vándorló - נווד - Tułacz
          (closed)DIANE SOPHRIN. Wanderer - Vándorló - נווד - Tułacz
Wanderer - Vandorlo - Tulacz

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