Gallery XVII

Coupled Souls 1 - 11

These digitial compositions are modified scans of the BP Card Prints,
a series of small black and white woodcut relief prints which in turn
found their origins in the BP Card Series.

This progression from collage to print to digital image was part of a yet larger
sequence of work, taking these same forms through pencil tracing to graphite drawing
to a final watercolor execution of a selection of four pieces, the Coupling Souls I - IV.

In this case, the final four Coupling Souls watercolor pieces were exhibited in
the 2014 Das Kleine Format: International, an invitational exhibition
at the Maringer Kunst & Wein galleries in Ottenthal, Austria.

The repeated pursuit of the same forms through different media
is a working process re-occurant in my work.
The Big Series is such a project; exploring, investigating and working
on the same eight forms in twelve different media over a
three-year period!