collage. 28" x 20" (70 x 50 cm)                   FIGURA II.
              collage. 28" x 20" (70 x 50 cm)
FIGURA I                            FIGURA II

A pair of constructed collages - each built of many irregular elements,
not unlike the assemblage of a puzzle,
ultimately coming together to form the whole.
Torn and found paper scraps were taped and glued together,
then re-torn, rearranged and re-glued, until the final figure was realized.

2012 FIGURA II - in progress
work in progress

These pieces were made in Budapest
in the spring of 2012
for the
Society of Hungarian Painters' New Collages invitational exhibition.
The paired works, along with works by 30 Hungarian artists,
exhibited at the Vízvárosi Gallery in Buda.
Figura II returned to Vermont, while its partner remained in the permanent collection of
Albert Kovats, artist and president of the Society.
The exhibition's catalog, designed by Borbala Kovats, can be viewed online here:

In 2014 I revisited the Figura images, making two color woodcut relief prints
based on the two collaged forms.
The prints can be seen here.