A. Check the statements below according to your analysis of your own teaching during your lesson.

As the teacher, I:                                                                                                                 The students:

                                                               Yes                 No                 Partially                                                             Yes                 No                 Partially

Provided readiness                                  ______________________________                Paid attention                    ______________________________

Gave clear directions                              ______________________________                Completed tasks                ______________________________

Used questioning effectively                   ______________________________                Met objectives                  ______________________________

Was enthusiastic                                     ______________________________                 Behaved  Appropriately    ____________________________

Used positive reinforcement                    ______________________________

Maintained pupil interest                          ______________________________

Responded to student behavior                 ______________________________

Had materials ready                                  ______________________________

B. List three or four strengths of the lesson. (What went well?)

C. List the needs of the lesson. (What did not go well? or, What could be improved upon?)

D. Based upon the analysis above, set one or two specific goals for yourself in behavioral terms which will
aid you in developing your effectiveness as a teacher.

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