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Kazushige Yokoyama, Ph.D.




B.S. & M.S.
University of Kobe, Japan
(with Professor Hajime Kato)

University of Colorado
(with Professor Carl Lineberger)

Post-Doctoral Fellow at
University of Minnesota
(with Professor Paul Barbara)


       Department of Chemistry
       The State University of New York at Geneseo

       ISC 326F, 1 College Circle

       Geneseo, NY 14454


        TEL: (585) 245-5320     FAX: (585) 245-5288

        (Lab. ISC 326E)

Research Interests

·          Self-assembly of Amyloid b (Initial on-set mechanism of Alzheimer’s disease) or a- synuclein (Initial on-set mechanism of Parkinson’s disease)

·         Functionalization of nanocolloidal particles
(Collaboration with Professor Ron Priefer-Western New England University)

·         Control of diffusion rate in silica based sol-gel matrix by nanoscale dopants 



Information on Article Solicitation 

AIMS Press

Special Issue:
“Protein folding or molecular self-assembly over nanoscale surface”

Topic Editor: Kazushige Yokoyama



We intend to invite top researchers and authors to submit original research or comprehensive review articles for consideration for publication in a special issue in the AIMS Biophysics focusing on the self-assembly biologically or medically important molecules at nanoscale interfacial environments. The focused studies include but not limited to protein folding, aggregation, conformational change, energy transfer, catalytic reaction, oligomer formation, or characterization of reaction intermediates. The nanoscale interfacial environments are any nanomaterials such as nanoparticles, nano colloids, quantum dots, nano wires, nano micelles, or nano membranes. These articles will be published in AIMS Biophysics open access free of charge. Submitted papers should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed before their acceptance for publication.


Instruction for Authors :

Please submit your manuscript to our online submission system:

Submission due date: 15 May 2015.













What’s new?    

--Research Collaboration Visit
at Institute for Protein Research, Osaka, Japan
1/5/2015 -1/16/2015
Institute for Protein Research


--Research Students  (Fall 2015) --

[See People Page]



K. Yokoyama
, C. D. Catalfamo, and M. Yuan, “Reversible peptide oligomerization over nanoscale gold surfaces”, AIMS Biophysics, Vol.2 (4), pp. 679-695 (2015).

R. E. McKnight, D. Jackson, K. Yokoyama, “Temperature dependence of Amyloid beta12-28”, Europian Biophysics Journal, Vol. 42, No. 6, pp. 495-501 (2013)

K. Yokoyama
and R. Priefer, Self-assembly of Amyloid Beta Peptide over Dialkoxy Disulfide Functionalized Nano Gold Colloidal Particles”, International Review of Biophysical Chemistry, Vol. 2 No. 5, pp.174-183,  (2011) [Journal Site]


--Book Chapters --
Kazushige Yokoyama “Controlling Reversible Self Assembly Path of Amyloid Beta Peptide over Gold Colloidal nanoparticle’s Surface” Book Chapter in “Nanoscale Spectroscopy with Applications  Sarhan M. Musa –Ed  (CRC Press-Taylor and Francis Group, LLC) ISBN# 9781466568532 (2013) Book Site

Kazushige Yokoyama ““Nano Size Dependent Properties of Colloidal Surfaces” Book Chapter in “Colloids: Classification, Properties and Applications” (Nova Science Publishing) (2012)
See Book Site

--Text Books --

 “Modern Physical Chemistry for Bioscience Students-Friendly and Short Cut Guide for Physical Chemistry” 3rdEdition (2013)
by Kazushige Yokoyama

 Linus Publication ISBN-1-60797-337-5  Book Site

Features of this textbook (Detail guidance to exercises, many check points of important terms/equations, listings of tricky points and typical p-chem mistakes, summary of most asked items,  complete derivation of  important formulas, unique way of focusing important constants and unit for each section).  [Preview]
For more info, please contact Linus Publication or Dr. Yokoyama “Frontiers in Nanoscience for Biomedical Research  K. Yokoyama (Editor) Sign Post, (ISBN 978-81-308-0537-5), 2014 Book Site
Chapter 1-“Physical/Chemical  Properties of 1 nm-class particles” by A. Kasuya
Chapter 2-“Study of Fibrillogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease” by K. Yokoyama
Chapter 3-“Boron-based Nanomaterials” by N. Hosmane
Chapter 4-“Droplet Microfluidics” by J. Wand
Chapter 5-“Bioimaging of Cancer by SapC-DOPS” by X. Qi et. al.


     For more info, please contact Research Signpost or Dr. Yokoyama


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