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Kazushige Yokoyama, Ph.D.

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B.S. & M.S.
University of Kobe, Japan
(with Professor Hajime Kato)

University of Colorado
(with Professor Carl Lineberger)

Post-Doctoral Fellow at
University of Minnesota
(with Professor Paul Barbara)


       Department of Chemistry
       The State University of New York at Geneseo

       ISC 326F, 1 College Circle

       Geneseo, NY 14454


        TEL: (585) 245-5320     FAX: (585) 245-5288

        (Lab. ISC 326E)

Research Interests

·          Self-assembly of Amyloid beta ( Initial on-set mechanism of Alzheimer’s disease)

·         Functionalization of nanocolloidal particles
(Collaboration with Professor Ron Priefer-Western New England University)

·         Control of diffusion rate in silica based sol-gel matrix by nanoscale dopants 





What’s new?    

--External Collaboration--
Visiting Research Assistantship at Institute for Protein Research, Osaka University, Japan (July, 2013) [Professor Goto’s Laboratory]


K. Yokoyama, Makaia Papasergi, Jeffrey Ma, Son Woung Hong, Marissa Evarts and Harold Hoops, “Nano Scale Metal Surface Effect for Reversible Protein Self-Assembly”, European Biophysics Journal, submitted.


K. Yokoyama, J. Ryu, D. Mark, and J.M. Kalish, “Temperature Dependence of Diffusion Process under Silica Based Sol-Gel Matrix”, European Biophysics Journal, submitted.

R. E. McKnight, D. Jackson, K. Yokoyama, “Temperature dependence of Amyloid beta12-28”, Europian Biophysics Journal, Vol. 42, No. 6, pp. 495-501 (2013)

K. Yokoyama,
A. L. Tran and R. Priefer, Self-assembly of Amyloid Beta Peptide over Dialkoxy Disulfide Functionalized Nano Gold Colloidal Particles”, International Review of Biophysical Chemistry, Vol. 2 No. 5, pp.174-183,  (2011) [Journal Site]


--Book Chapters --
Kazushige Yokoyama “Controlling Reversible Self Assembly Path of Amyloid Beta Peptide over Gold Colloidal nanoparticle’s Surface” Book Chapter in “Nanoscale Spectroscopy with Applications  Sarhan M. Musa –Ed  (CRC Press-Taylor and Francis Group, LLC) in press (2013)

Kazushige Yokoyama ““Nano Size Dependent Properties of Colloidal Surfaces” Book Chapter in “Colloids: Classification, Properties and Applications” (Nova Science Publishing) (2012)
See Book Site

--Text Books --

 “Modern Physical Chemistry for Bioscience Students-Friendly and Short Cut Guide for Physical Chemistry” 3rdEdition (2013)
by Kazushige Yokoyama

 Linus Publication ISBN-1-60797-337-5  Book Site

Features of this textbook (Detail guidance to exercises, many check points of important terms/equations, listings of tricky points and typical p-chem mistakes, summary of most asked items,  complete derivation of  important formulas, unique way of focusing important constants and unit for each section).  [Preview]
For more info, please contact Linus Publication or Dr. Yokoyama



 “Frontiers in Nanoscience for Biomedical Research  K. Yokoyama (Editor) Sign Post, in progress.
Chapter 1-“Physical/Chemical  Properties of 1 nm-class particles” by A. Kasuya
Chapter 2-“Study of Fibrillogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease” by K. Yokoyama
Chapter 3-“Boron-based Nanomaterials” by N. Hosmane
Chapter 4-“Droplet Microfluidics” by J. Wand
Chapter 5-“Bioimaging of Cancer by SapC-DOPS” by X. Qi et. al.



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