Mathematics 380:  Topics in Mathematics: Differential Geometry
Fall 2008

Professor:        Jeff Johannes                                    Section 1    MWF    12:30-1:20p    Sturges 114
Office:            South 326A                    
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    Geometry from a Differentiable Viewpoint, John McCleary

    Differential geometry is the study of geometric figures using the methods of calculus.  Most of our work will be focused on characteristics of curves and surfaces.  

    Your grade in this course will be based on problem sets, three in-class quizams, two take-home exams, and a final examination.  Each of those aspects will be worth 1/4 of your grade and each component of each aspect will be equally weighted. 

Problem Sets
    Problem sets will consist of questions related to material presented in the previous two weeks.  They will be due two weeks after assigned.  Before these papers are handed  in,  I strongly suggest discussing them with me and others outside of class.   These discussions will be graded on a ten point decile scale based on completeness, accuracy, and writing.
    These problems will be evaluated as follows.
0    Missing
3    Question copied, nothing written
6    Something written that appears that it was only written to take up space
7    Substantially incomplete.  Something written, but does not really answer the main questions.  Major errors. Very poor writing
8    Mostly complete. maybe a few minor errors
9    Complete, no errors, some personal insight, well-written
10  Wonderful
    We will discuss these problem sets in detail on the day they are due.  Therefore no late problem sets will be accepted.

    Quizams are like long quizzes or short exams.  You will have 20 minutes to complete them.  They will focus on computational fluency with material since the last quizam. 

Take Home Exams
    The take home exams will be more involved than quizams and less than problem sets.  They will be distributed on Fridays and due on Mondays.  You may not consult with any other person, and any resource other than your notes and your textbook.  If you do consult with other sources, you will be failed in this course and reported to the Dean of Students for a violation of academic integrity. 

Final Examination
    You will have two options for a final examination.  You may take a cummulative three hour final examination (more involved than a quizam and less involved than a take-home exam).  Your second option is a cummulative take-home exam that will be distributed at the last day of class and due by the end of the final examination  period (more involved than the other take home exams). 

    Occasionally you will be given anonymous feedback forms.  Please use them to share any thoughts or concerns for how the course is running.  Remember, the sooner you tell me your concerns, the more I can do about them.  I have also created a web-site which accepts anonymous comments.  If we have not yet discussed this in class, please encourage me to create a class code.  This site may also be accessed via our course page on a link entitled anonymous feedback.  Of course, you are always welcome to approach me outside of class to discuss these issues as well.  

Religious Holidays
    It is my policy to give students who miss class because of observance of religious holidays the opportunity to make up missed work.  You are responsible for notifying me no later than September 5 of plans to observe the holiday.  

Tentative Schedule subject to change - assignments will stay fixed, but topics could vary in time.

Date              Topic                                                        Assigned    Due               
August 25     Introduction
        27          Part A
        29          Part A

September 3  Part A
        5            Part A                                                     PS 1                                               
        8            Chapter 6
        10          6
        12          6

        15         6
        17         7
        19         Discuss problem set                                PS 2            PS 1

        22          7 
        24          7                               
        26          8                                                              Quizam 1 (material thru PS1)
        29           8
October 1       8
        3            Discuss problem set                               PS 3            PS 2
        6           8
        8           8bis
        10         8bis                                                         Take Home Exam 1 (material thru PS2)  

        15         8bis                                                                              THX1
        17          Discuss problem set                               PS4              PS 3

        20          9                                                                                
        22          9
        24          10                                                          Quizam 2 (material thru PS3)                    

        27         10                                                              
        29         10
        31          Discuss problem set                               PS 5            PS 4    
November 3 10
        5           11
        7           11                                                           Take Home Exam 2 (material thru PS4)    

        10         11                                                                                THX2
        12         11                                            
        14          Discuss problem set                               PS 6            PS 5  
        17         12                                                                                                                              
        19         12
        21         12                                   

        24         12                                                            Quizam 3 (material thru PS5)

        1           13
        3           13
        5           Discuss problem set                                                       PS 6

        8           review                                                   Take-home final

Wednesday, December 10    12N - 3p    Final Examination                        Take-home Final