Google's PageRank Algorithm and Its Applications

On January 27 & 28, 2017, the Mathematics Department hosted the annual Research Weekend. The title of the 2017 Research Weekend was "The PageRank Algorithm: The mathematics behind Google's search engine and it's applications". The Research Weekend aims to give Geneseo students a taste of math research. Dr. Cesar Aguilar ran the sessions (on Friday and Saturday) and gave a colloquium talk on Friday. The course pre-requisites for the program were MATH 230 and MATH 233, and experience with Matlab programming, or a similar language. The two-day program was:

  1. Colloquium Talk: 3 to 4pm in Newton 203, Friday, January 27th
  2. Session 1: 4 to 6pm in South Hall 336, Friday, January 27th (includes pizza dinner)
  3. Session 2: 9am to noon in South Hall 336, Saturday, January 28th
  4. Session 3: noon to 4pm, Saturday, January 28

Data Files

  1. Wikipedia Pages Node Names (64 MB)
  2. Wikipedia Adjacency Matrix (sparse) (120 MB)
  3. 2016 College Football Subdivision Games
  4. 2016 College Football Subdivision Team Names

Queries for Wikipedia PageRank

  1. Sciences
  2. US Presidents
  3. US States


  1. The SuiteSparse Matrix Collection
  2. PageRank Notes
  3. Matlab Tutorial