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Combining a strong traditional mathematics major with opportunities for student research, a very successful secondary education program, and preparation in applied mathematics and statistics, the Department of Mathematics is committed to helping each Geneseo student achieve his or her goals, both before and after Geneseo.


Congratulations to our Students!

Math JeopardyMath majors Jane Coons, Rayanne Luke, Jack Jenkins, and Doug Knowles attended the national meeting of the Center for Undergraduate Research in Mathematics, which was held in conjunction with the Mathematics Association of America's regional Intermountain Section meeting. At this conference, they won a first place prize in the Math Jeopardy contest, and gave individual talks about their research with Professor Rault. Congratulations to Jane, Rayanne, Jack, and Doug!


Congratulations to our Award and Scholarship Winners!

Scholarship Winners 2014

Congratulations to each of the following students for being awarded Math Scholarships for the 2014-2015 year:

Kwan Ho Lee, Jane Coons, Rayanne Luke, Doug Knowles, Marina Massaro, and Cathryn Menarchem

Also pictured are Putnam and Rochester Olympiad math competion awardees:

Marcus Elia, Doug Knowles, and Michael Pilosov

(More photos in the Photo Gallery.)


Congratulations to the Class of 2014!

We have updated the Photo Gallery to include a few photos from the Math Department's Senior Dinner.


Professor Towsley Honored Among Nation's Best

TowsleyGary Towsley, distinguished teaching professor of mathematics, is among the country's top undergraduate professors named in The Princeton Review's new guidebook "The Best 300 Professors." Best300

"To be honest, I'm not surprised to hear about Gary's selection as one of the country's best," said Provost Carol Long. "His reputation as a consummate scholar is well-known on our campus, and I frequently hear from students about the impact he has on their learning, both inside and outside of the classroom." 

In its profile of Towsley, The Princeton Review editors cited his "ability to account for the varying levels of skill and understanding in his classes by trying to challenge those who already understand the material, while simultaneously being patient and supportive with those who feel they are lost."

Learn more about Towsley’s recognition.

Join the conversation on SUNY Geneseo’s Facebook page. 


Pi in the Face for AutismPie2011 11

Invite your professors and friends to participate in this year's event.

In the past four years, we were able to raise over $1500 for Autism Speaks by giving students the opportunity to throw a pie in the face of their professors, coaches, and administrators. There are some pictures from the events in the Photo Gallery. Thanks to everyone who has helped with this wonderful event!


The Calculus Around You

Here is an interesting story on NPR: "In her new book, The Calculus Diaries, writer Jennifer Ouellette describes the development of calculus, from Archimedes to Newton, and shows how calculus is a part of everyday life -- from amusement park rides and Vegas craps tables, to dieting and figuring out gas mileage."


Library Resources for Mathematics

Bonnie Swoger from the Milne staff has put together some interesting resources for Math majors and faculty.
Take a look at Library Resources for Mathematics.


Why should I study math?

This is a very good question! And there are lots of very good answers. Follow these links to learn some of them:
Why do math?
When will I use math?
Careers in Mathematics


*Recent News - Mathematician is the BEST OCCUPATION!*

According to the Wall Steet Journal's "Best Occupation" rankings, Mathematician is #1.
Also, Actuary and Statistician are second and third, respectively.


"Headlines & Deadlines for Students"

The American Mathematical Society invites you to sign up for "Headlines & Deadlines for Students," a free monthly email service that includes news, links to helpful resources, and deadlines for applications for fellowships and grants, meeting registrations, and more. Each email news or deadline item links to a site for details, or to more information on the "Headlines & Deadlines for Students" web page. Follow the link above for more information.