MATH 222: Calculus II

Fall 2009

Instructor Information
Professor Aaron Heap
  • Office: South Hall 330C

  • Phone: 245-5391

  • Email: heapmath

  • Office Hours: WF, 10:30 am -- 12:00 pm, or by appointment, or any time my door is open

No, this isn't Professor Heap; it is Isaac Newton.

Course Lecture Information
  • Section 2:

  • Time: TWRF 9:00-9:50
    Location: TR in Sturges 208A and WF in Sturges 114
  • Section 5:

  • Time: TWRF 1:00-1:50
    Location: Sturges 113

Attendance is essential to successful performance in this course.
Please attend ALL lectures.

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*** Important Announcements ***
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The Final Exam will only be partially cumulative. The only material from the midterm exams will be the techniques of integration from Chapter 7. The majority of the exam will be based on material that we learned after the third exam. The sections covered on the final are 7.1-7.4, 7.6-7.7, and 10.1-10.5 of the textbook.

NOTE: The Midterm Exam dates may change depending on our pace.
*** Exam 1: Friday, September 18*, IN CLASS ***
*** Exam 2: Thursday, October 15*, IN CLASS ***
*** Exam 3: Friday, November 20*, IN CLASS ***
*** Final Exam ***
SECTION 2: Friday, December 18, 8:00-11:00 am, in class
SECTION 5: Friday, December 18, 12:00-3:00 pm, in class
Resources and Technology
Calculator Help: TI-89 - Basics

Some Calculus Links:
TI-89 For Your Computer: Download
(Save the file to your computer, unzip it, and run vti.exe to run the TI-89 program on your computer.)