Mathematics 101:  Welcome to the Mathematics Major
Fall 2022
Professor:         Jeff Johannes                                    Section 1    T  4:30 - 5:20p   Welles 121
Office:              South 326A                    
Telephone:        245-5403
Office Hours:    Monday 3:30 - 4:30p South 328, Tuesday 8:00 - 9:00p South 336, Wednesday 10:30 - 11:20a South 328, Thursday 4:00 - 5:00p Welles 121, Friday 1:00 - 2:00p South 338, and by appointment or visit.
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    The class will begin with students sharing their interests in mathematics and motivations for becoming mathematics majors.  Through various faculty visits and departmental colloquia, students will be introduced to a wide range of topics and problems in mathematics.   The class will culminate with detailed student presentations of interesting mathematics problems.  Aside from all that, we will begin each class by discussing any thoughts and reactions to your first-year experiences at Geneseo. 

Learning Outcomes
    Upon successful completion students will be able to
    Your grade in this course will be based upon your performance on various aspects.  The weight assigned to each is designated below:
Participation                             30%
Introductory Presentation         10%
Support Reports                        10% total
Colloquium Reports                  15% each
Final Presentation                      20%

    Since most of the class is discussion, the class will only truly be helpful if you are here and participating.  If you are present for a discussion you will receive one participation point that day.  If you also participate to the class as a whole (answer a question, ask an insightful question, or offer important relevant commentary) you will receive two participation points for that day.  Present each day and never speaking in class will earn 80%.  Speaking every other day will earn 95%.  Scores between will be scaled linearly.  

Support Reports
    We will occasionally have conversations about the ways to seek support outside of class-time to develop your strengths in your mathematics major.  You will receive credit based on whether you are taking advantage of the opportunities to further your dedication to and understanding of mathematics.   

   You will give two evaluated presentations during this course.  The first will be at least three minutes long, will include notes, and will describe what led you to becoming a mathematics major.  Your second presentation will be about some mathematics not taught in your high school or college classes that you find interesting.  Your second presentation must be six to eight minutes long.  
    After attending a mathematics department colloquium or faculty visit (or other approved mathematics presentation) you may write a report. You are required to write two (2) reports for the course.  In your report, please explain the main point of the presentation and include a discussion of how this presentation affected your views on mathematics.
        A Well written, answers the questions, and is interesting and insightful
        B Well written and answers the questions
        C Well written or answers the questions (convinces the reader that you were there)
        D attempted
Papers are due the week after the presentation.  I will gladly comment on papers before they are due. 

    Occasionally you will be given anonymous feedback forms.  Please use them to share any thoughts or concerns for how the course is running.  Remember, the sooner you tell me your concerns, the more I can do about them.  I have also created a web-site which accepts anonymous comments.  If we have not yet discussed this in class, please encourage me to create a class code.  This site may also be accessed via our course page on a link entitled anonymous feedback.  Of course, you are always welcome to approach me outside of class to discuss any issues as well. 

    SUNY Geneseo is dedicated to providing an equitable and inclusive educational experience for all students. The Office of Accessibility will coordinate accommodations, auxiliary aids, and/or services designed to ensure full participation and equal access to all academic programs, activities, and services at SUNY Geneseo. Students with letters of accommodation should submit a letter and discuss needs at the beginning of the semester. Please contact the Office of Accessibility Services for questions related to access and accommodations.  Erwin Hall 22 (585) 245-5112

Religious Holidays
    It is my policy to give students who miss class because of observance of religious holidays the opportunity to make up missed work.  You are responsible for notifying me no later than September 12 of plans to observe the holiday.  

Military Obligations
    Federal and New York State law requires institutions of higher education to provide an excused leave of absence from classes without penalty to students enrolled in the National Guard or armed forces reserves who are called to active duty. If you are called to active military duty and need to miss classes, please let me know and consult as soon as possible with the Dean of Students.

Tentative Schedule to be modified as we make plans for visitors

August 30             Introductions

September 6         Introductory Presentations

September 13        Rest of introductory presentations

September 20       Lisa Smith

September 27        First support reports  

October 4              Savi Iyer and More

October 18           Jenna Zombeck

October 25           Major advising

November 1         Chi-Ming Tang and Actuary

November 8        Doug Baldwin

November 15     Secondary Program with Erin Harris and George Reuter

November 22     Dawn Aguilar

November 29     Research Opportunities with Sedar Ngoma

December 6       Final Presentations

Friday, December 16 3:30 - 6:30p  Final Presentations