Detecting Charged Particles with a Charge Injection Device Camera


Work on this project has been published, see: “Detection of Charged Particles with Charge Injection Devices,” K.A. Fletcher, B. Apker, S. Hammond, J. Punaro, F.J. Marshall, J. Laine, R. Forties, Reviews of Scientific Instruments 78 (2007) 063301-1.


Click HERE to see a poster from the 2005 Plasma Physics Meeting “Detection of Protons and Alpha Particles Using Charge Injection Devices (CIDs),” K. A. Fletcher, B. Apker, S. Hammond, J. Punaro, F. J. Marshall, R. A. Forties, B. L. Schmitt, Bulletin of the American Physical Society 50, no. 8, p. 116 (2005). 47th Annual Meeting of the Division of Plasma Physics, Denver, CO, Oct. 24-28, 2005.