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Alumni Spotlight

Kristina Sym '07

Traveling the World

Kristina Sym ’07 recently returned from a year-long journey traveling the world.

Let’s forget about how isolated we all might be right now, and start thinking about all the places we could go in the future!

Alumni News

New Foundation Board members
Three New Foundation Board Officers Elected

Three new Geneseo Foundation Board officers were elected recently to start a three-year term: Robert Walley '83, chair; Clare Cusack '96, vice chair; and Jessica Blair '00, secretary. 

Mary Morse holding picture of her late husband William Morse
SUNY Geneseo Honors Morses’ Philanthropy

Mary Cockram Morse and her late husband, William Edward Morse, were honored for their generosity and support of the College at the Donors of Distinction ceremony on April 27.

Danae Polsin '13 at the University of Rochester laser lab. (SUNY Geneseo/Matt Burkhartt)
A Big Breakthrough in Nuclear Fusion

High-energy-density physicist Danae Polsin ’13 and professor of physics Stephen Padalino explain experiments that recently harnessed the same energy produced by the sun and stars — and what it may mean for the future of energy.