Located in Upstate New York, SUNY Geneseo is regarded as one of the nation’s finest public liberal arts colleges. This reputation was built on the work of the thousands of extraordinary faculty and staff who have dedicated their time and talent to the College over its near 150 years of existence. As with any major institute of higher education, Geneseo is frequently on the lookout for new people. 

Opportunities at Geneseo

Visit to view all current staff, faculty and classified vacancies at Geneseo. This online employment system allows applicants to create a profile and apply online to positions within the college. If you have issues accessing the webpage or inputting information, please contact the Human Resources office at 585-245-5616 and someone will be happy to assist you.  

Get to Know Geneseo

About Geneseo Students           

Geneseo attracts highly motivated and incredibly talented students from across the state, around the nation and from all corners of the world. Our unique brand of liberal arts education is designed to help students develop the skills they’ll need in the 21st century, and the kind of mindset that will allow them to adapt to careers that don’t even exist yet. Students question, explore, research, lead, critique and listen.

Discover for yourself what drives us at Geneseo. You’ll see that...

...there’s no place like here for excellence
...there’s no place like here for being engaged
...there’s no place like here for community

Geneseo Recruitment Procedures

Information on how to apply for various types of jobs at Geneseo

New York State Department of Civil Service Job Seeker Resources

Additional Information for Job Seekers