Diversity at Geneseo

"Geneseo values diversity and respects the unique contributions of each individual to the campus community."

Diversity at SUNY Geneseo is a study in diversity itself. Diversity stands as one of Geneseo's core institutional values, framing the College's sense of community and fostering respect and appreciation for the broad spectrum of backgrounds, beliefs, talents, interests, and life choices of students, faculty, and staff. At the same time, diversity supports the College's central mission as a center of excellence in undergraduate liberal arts education, providing dynamic frameworks for teaching and learning as well as new collaborations across disciplines and across campus.
Diversity also forms the central focus of Geneseo's mission as a public liberal arts college and its special role as a pro-active resource and service partner to its many constituent communities. Fundamental to Geneseo's public mission is its commitment to providing broad access to an honors-quality liberal arts education for the citizens of New York state and beyond.
Through this Geneseo diversity web site, we invite you to share our plans, goals, efforts, accomplishments, and aspirations in campus diversity. Share your thoughts and ideas by contacting us.