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Richard Young

Distinguished Service Professor of

Geological Sciences

ISC 254
1 College Circle
Geneseo, NY 14454


Richard Young has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 1966.

Faculty Information


  • Washington University ( St. Louis ), Ph.D., Geology, 1966
  • Cornell University , B.A. Geology, 1962
  • Dissertation: Cenozoic Geology along the Edge of the Colorado Plateau in NW Arizona. (Hualapai Indian Reservation and adjacent areas)


  • 2010 Geneseo Alumni Award
  • 2004 President’s Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Endeavors
  • 2002 Awarded SUNY Chancellor’s Research Recognition Award ( Albany , October 2002).
  • 1991-present Appointed Distinguished Service Professor of Geological Sciences, State University of New York by SUNY Chancellor (at SUNY, Geneseo)
  • 1990 Appointed Faculty Exchange Scholar, SUNY, by Chancellor Johnstone
  • 1979-1991 Professor, Department of Geological Sciences, SUNY College of Arts and Science, Geneseo , New York
  • 1977-1986 Chairman, Department of Geological Sciences, SUNY College of Arts and Science, Geneseo , New York
  • 1966-1977 Assistant and Associate Professor of Geological Sciences, SUNY College of Arts and Science, Geneseo , New York

Research Interests

  • Colorado River Evolution: Grand Canyon Symposium Organizer, 2000
  • Radiocarbon dating of Heinrich (H4) glacial events, Genesee Valley, NY (2004).
  • U S Army Corps of Engineers: Sedimentation and Erosion, Genesee River (2002-2003).
  • Spencer Roemer Summer Research Fellowship (1999).
  • NASA Contract NAS 9-12770, Photogeologic Analysis Apollo Missions 15-17 (1972-1975).
  • Research Development Award, Genesee Valley Pleistocene chronology (1992).
  • Cole Memorial Research Grant, Geological Society of America, Colorado Plateau Tertiary (1988).
  • Decade of North American Geology, Geological Soc. of America, Colorado Plateau Tertiary(1986).
  • U S Environmental Protection Agency, Evaluation of Hazardous Waste Sites, (1981-1983).

Publications and Professional Activities

  • Young, R.A. , 2004, The Laramide-Paleogene History of the western Grand Canyon Region: Setting the Stage: In: The Colorado River : Origin and Evolution: (eds. Young, R.A. and Spamer, E.), Gran d Canyon Association Monograph No. 12, Chapter 1(p. 7-16), Grand Canyon Association, Grand Canyon National Park , Arizona , 280 p.
  • Young, R.A ., 2003, (Research Report) Recent and Long-term Sedimentation and Erosion along the Genesee River Floodplain In Livingston and Monroe Counties, NY , US Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District, 36 pages plus appendices, maps, digital images (includes 2000+ river channel images on 5 CD’s).
  • Young, R.A. , 2001, Geomorphic, Structural, and Stratigraphic Evidence for Laramide Uplift of the Southwestern Colorado Plateau Margin of NW Arizona: In: The Mackin Volume, The Geologic Transition, High Plateaus to Great Basin – A Symposium and Field Guide Eds. (eds.Erskine et al.) Utah Geological Association Pu b. 30 and AAPG Guidebook GB 78, p. 227-237 .
  • Billingsley, G.H., Wenrich, K.J., Huntoon, P.W., and Young, R.A., 1999, Breccia Pipe and Geologic Map of the SW pa rt of Hualapai Indian Reservation and Vicinity, Arizona : U,S. Geological Survey Misc. Investigations Series Map I-2554, 2 maps with phamphlet (Appendix: pages 21-50, Nomenclature and Ages of Late Cretace ous(?) – Tertiary Strata in the Hualapai Plateau Region, NW Arizona by R.A. Young).
  • Nieto, A. and Young, R.A., 1998, Retsof Salt Mine Collapse and Aquifer Dewatering, Genesee Va lley , Livingston County , NY : In: Poland Symposium Volume: Land Subsidence, (J. Borchers, Ed.), Spec. Pub. 8, Assoc. Engineering Geologists, Star Publishers, Belmont, CA., p. 309-325.
  • Lundgren, L. and Young, R.A., 1995, Mine failure, subsidence, and environmental impacts, Retsof Salt Mine, Livingston County , NY , 1994: New York Earth Science and the Environment, v.1, no. 1, p. 5-17.
  • Young, R.A. and Sirkin, Les, 1994, Subsurface Geology of the lower Genesee River Valley Region: A progress report on the evidence for Middle Wisconsin sediments and implications for ice sheet erosion models: N Y State Geological Association Field Trip Guidebook, 66th Annual Meeting, University of Rochester, p. 89-126. (ongoing research)
  • Young, R.A ., and Burton , R., 1993, Bluff erosion along Irondequoit Creek in Linear Park: Roch. Comm. for Scientific Info., Bull. 315, 6pp, Figs., Rochester , NY .


  • Geological Society of America (Fellow)
My Classes

GSCI 201:
Geology of Alien Worlds

    Comparative geology of the terrestrial planets and major moons as currently revealed and documented by recent and ongoing NASA missions. Comparison of planetary objects less evolved than the Earth provides the means to understand the evolution of the Earth from a lifeless, cratered object to its present dynamic state. Studies of other solar system bodies with different evolutionary histories emphasize the unique position of Earth in our solar system. Coverage will include data from the Apollo missions to the present with an emphasis on solid planetary bodies. Prerequisites: 100-level lab science or earth science.

GSCI 331:

    The description and interpretation of land forms. Consideration is given to the effects of rock structure, natural processes, and temporal changes in the evolution of the surface features of the Earth. (Field trips are sometimes conducted outside class hours.) Prerequisites: GSCI 112. Corequisite: GSCI 220. Offered every fall

GSCI 333:
Geol Appl-Remote Sensing Imgry

    Photogrammetric and digital analysis of aerial and satellite imagery as applied to the solution of geologic problems. Emphasis is on interpretation of the geomorphology and geologic structure of the Earth's surface from film and digital images incorporating GIS (geographic information system) software such as ArcView 8 and GPS (geographic positioning system) instrumentation. The creation of GIS-based geologic maps by combining field data and georegistered imagery on standard base maps is included. Prerequisites: GSCI 331 or permission of instructor.