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Doug Baldwin

Professor Baldwin has been a member of the Geneseo faculty since 1990. Originally holding a position in computer science, he joined the mathematics department in 2013.

Faculty Information


  • B.Sc., 1980, Yale University
  • M.Sc., 1981, Yale University
  • Ph.D., 1985, Yale University

Research Interests

My main research interests are in computer graphics, particularly procedural modelling of natural objects (e.g., terrains, plants, etc.) I am currently examining whether the structure of assemblies of crystals is amenable to procedural modelling. Other interests include the role of mathematics in computer science, and programming languages and methods.

Publications and Professional Activities

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  • Baldwin, D. “Surface Reconstruction from Constructive Solid Geometry for Interactive Visualization,” Third International Symposium on Visual Computing (Springer: Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4841), Nov. 2007, pp. 321–330.
  • Marion, B. and D. Baldwin. “SIGCSE Committee Report on the Implementation of a Discrete Mathematics Course,” SIGCSE inroads, June 2007, pp. 109 - 126.
  • Baldwin, D. "Effectiveness of a Language Implementation Project in Building Appreciation for Formal Specification," Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges Northeastern Conference, April 2007, pp. 173 - 183.
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  • Baldwin, D. and P. Henderson. "The Importance of Mathematics to the Software Practitioner." IEEE Software, Mar-Apr 2002, pp. 112, 110, 111.


My Classes

Math 288:

    CSci 115:
    R/Digital Futures,HumanFutures

    CSci 342:
    Theory of Computation

      Csci 390:
      Topics in Computer Science