Student Resources

We have many wonderful resources available for our students, including tutoring, advice on courses, software, and library resources. Here are some that you may find useful:

  • Math Learning Center (The purpose of the MLC is to provide tutoring for lower level math courses at no cost.)

  • Course Advisement (What courses should you take and when? This gives an informal description of most courses.)

  • Why Major in Math? (What can you do after Geneseo? And there are lots of very good answers available.)

  • Student Research (Find some information about doing mathematical research.)
  • Preparation for Graduate School (If you think you would like to pursue a graduate degree in a mathematics-related field, begin here to make sure you are one the right track.)

  • List of Graduate Programs (Here you will find a list of PhD programs in Mathematics, Applied Math, Statistics, and Math Education.)
  • Software and Instructional Guides (Here you will find various math software and utilities, as well as instructional guides for your calculators.)

  • Student Presentation Evaluation Rubric (Part of the oral presentation requirement (Math 348) is to critique the mathematical presentations of other students. This is a rubric to assist with these evaluations.)

  • Library Resources (The Milne staff has put together some interesting resources for Math majors and faculty.)

  • Test Preparation (Here is some information about exam requirements for teacher certification and for those who plan to go to graduate school.)

  • Transfer Courses (Check here to see if a course from another school transfers to Geneseo.)